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Looking for ways to help around the space? Apply your talents here!

If you're not sure about the details of something here, post to the group and ask.

If you're gearing up for Potlock, look for the appropriate PotLock-specific task list in PotLock.


Periodic tasks

Task notes last performed How often?
Clean chair/couch upholstery 2013 June
Make the microwave spotless last potlock
Check/update all machine signs just print the first section of each machine's wiki page and stick it to the machine 2014 June mostly every 6 months, or when you know there's a major change
check/update all zone coordinator signs just print the first section of each zone's wiki page and post it in the zone 2015 march every 6 months, or when you know there's a major change
purge graveyard put today's date on all undated items. Items over 90 days old go to dumpster/recycle. 2014 march every 90 days
clean and sweep under graveyard ideally every time the recycling goes out... every month
Genie preventive maintenance see NateB. 2014 august every 6 months
check/stock paper towel stations use the e-room one as an example 2014 december every month (guessing this happens pretty often and isn't documented)
Rooftop furnace filter Size is 10 x 20 x 1, takes 2 at a time. We now have washable filters, no more need to keep spending money 2015 may supposed to be every 90 Days!
Hardac/network equipment fans and filters We now have washable filters, no more need to keep spending money ? as needed
Air compressor cabinet intake prefilter 16 x 20 x 1 We now have washable filters, no more need to keep spending money 2016 January Monthly, or as needed
Laser exhaust blower blades and screen Genie+straps to drop the blower out of the line Fall 2015 Every 6-9 months, or when suction is noticeably lacking
Review and prune items in mezzanine storage Review and update the list at Long Term Storage ? Every potlock
Fire extinguisher maintenance Update this text with the date the inspection tags expire. When they do, take 'em in.

List on map of extiguishers

(11/2016) <--- after that date
Corkboard pictures keep officers, coordinators, and board members' pictures and titles up to date *shrug* every pot lock
Clean Sandblaster Filter Wear a respirator! 05/29/2016 Every 6 months or when the vacuum pressure drops below .1 on the gauge
Take pictures Category:Photographs_Needed Pictures you take are better than stock photos whenever
task notes date how often?

Nonrecurring tasks

Zones TODO List

The following list is an attempt to offer up suggestions of tasks that could be accomplished in the various zones by people interested in helping out.

Feel free to take charge of one or more of these items as your time and expertise allow. If you have taken charge of a task, please put your name into the field next to the task.

Should you run out of time or ability to complete a task, make sure to post on the mailing list and "fail loudly". This ensures that task status is shared, and no task languishes in silent failure.

Automotive Zone

Automotive Zone TODO

Bicycle Shop

General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Mark tools Dot zone color on bike specific tools. Note: Non-bike specific tools should go to the tool crib. 2
Mark tool locations Use a paint pen to outline locations for tools on the cart and maybe label them. Should be done after painting cart 3
Organize cart Maybe pick up larger plastic bins and reorganize components. Bins should be labeled. 2

Equipment TODOs

No equipment in zone 'Bicycle Shop' has todos

CNC Shop

General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Task Details 1 Name

Equipment TODOs

CNC Router
  • Officially approve this equipment to live in the CNC zone
  • Populate this wiki page with useful information
Haas VF-3 CNC Mill
  1. Update Wiki pages for this page and for Training page as well as produce training videos.

Ceramics Zone

Ceramics Zone TODO


General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion

Equipment TODOs

Raspberry Pi Model 4 B 4GB
  • Sign / QR Code for Classroom Zone PayPal link. (And Collections Box? Or at least instructions to use primary donations box.)
Sceptre 55in 4K UHD TV*Upload, update main page picture with the actual unit, preferably something displaying i3D logo on the screen. (desktop of Classroom PC or Chromecast?)
  • Update with where the remote is usually to be stored. (Acquire Velcro?)
  • Add a picture of the remote.
  • Perhaps make a wiki page for the ChromeCast?

Commons Area

General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Paint the Snack Shop Vending Machine It is currently primed from a long ago attempt at painting 1
Fix the Dixie Narco Soda Machine controller The controller software (maybe hardware?) is not completely stable, debug and fix 1
Update Dixie Narco Soda Machine page Information and links to documentation on the controller running it right now and the software in the most up to date state should be on that page 1
Comission the new vending machines reconnect, test, repair (if needed), fill, and use the new machines 1
add wiki page for new vending machines that's it, all possible info and manuals please 1
Build new commons tables collaboration between welding and wood shop to design and build new modular commons tables 1

Equipment TODOs

4x8 Utility Trailer
  • Put a sign on the trailer that indicates usage rules.
  • Mount the spare tire to the tongue.
Infocus Projector
  • Make a permanent home for the remote control
  • Route VGA/Composite cables from the projector down behind the screen to the audio hookup location
  • Add an HDMI adapter and chromecast
Philips HeartStart OnSite AEDExpiration date is listed as December 2016.
  • Reseal everything!
  • Run air line drop from above.
Tandem kayakAdd a couple pulleys so the gearbox is reachable from the floor.
Vacuum FormerVacuum pump needs repair as per (jan 16, 2019)

Craft Room

General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Rewrite Inventory Page Items have left, items have entered. 1 Kevin
Husqvarna Trainer's Checklist Jan would like a clearer checklist for Husqvarna training. 1 Kevin
List of Husqvarna Hoops in Stock (for wiki) 3 Either
List of Husqvarna Feet in Stock (for wiki) 3 Either
Granite Block Mounting The granite block on the table by the leather supplies? I'd like to flush-mount that in an existing table, but significant carpentry work is required. 3 Kevin
Lower Shelves: Mounting I'd like to put lower shelves on all of the Craft Room tables, *except* those holding sewing machines. Significant carpentry work is required. The supplies are currently taking up space, so this is high priority. 1 Kevin
Price/Label Button Supplies The button supplies on the top shelf need to be priced out, and the price per button needs to be posted on the boxes. 2 Kevin
Create Flats Storage The mat board, foam-core board, and other flat materials would be much easier to store with specialized storage. Given the small amount of wall space, I favor an open-ended box divided into tall, narrow sections on the inside. 3 Kevin
Create samples for 'Craft Room' sign We still need light, wall-hangable samples of:
  • Buttonmaking
  • Sewing
  • Serging
  • Machine Embroidery (smaller sample)
  • Casting
  • Papercraft
  • Silhouette
2 Kevin

Equipment TODOs

Badger Universal Model 360 AirbrushI need to take more photos and post them along with a link or two to some sort of airbrush how-to. I've never used one myself, so until I've accessed that content and played around with the airbrush, this page will remain a stub.

Electronics Lab

General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Populate ToDo List Add a list of things that are needed/wanting to be done in the eRoom. 1 Nate B.
Benchview PC Set up a (small-form-factor?) PC with Windows (7 or 10?) to run the GPIB/LXI gear. Install Keysight Benchview on it and add the licenses we got for the Dream Bench instruments. 2 ?
PartsLaser mechanism Build X-Y gimbal, motor controller, laser enable, and camera mount ? ?
PartsLaser software Spreadsheet/database, label printing, find-a-part interface ? ?
Cabinet map Until Partslaser is operational, an easier way to update would be nice. 2 ?
wire spool rack Design a (laser-cuttable?) rack for small wire spools, that hangs on pegboard or under shelf ? ?
tenma meter repair Fix the sticky ammeter needle on the Tenma 72-630 PSU. Gently! ? ?
mount bigass HP PSU under shelf Nearest the door, so it's not in knee-space but the meters are accessible 3 ?
simpson microohmmeter refurb readings aren't consistent, maybe because the internal nicad pack is missing? 4 Evan?
cull crap on topmost shelves either side of the window, there's a bunch of stuff we never touch, that space could be better used. 3 Nate B.

Equipment TODOs

Lightbulb load-boxGrab a photo! Add a fan and intake/exhaust grilles?
Re:load ProFind out how this works (See PDF link in "Documentation")
Soldering Station - Edsyn Loner
  • Acquire some new tips to replace the ones that've been bent, oxidized to hell and gone, or just plain worn out.
  • New sponges, too. They are considered a consumable.
  • Better labeling / signage, to direct people to this page.

Fab Lab

General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Rostock part cooling design/get manufactured a ring of microjets to be supplied by shop air. the jets should hit the plastic, not the nozzle 3

Equipment TODOs

3D Printer - Formlabs Form2ToDo
3D Printer - Full Spectrum Pegasus Touch
  • Mechanical mounts for beaglebone to front panel
  • 1-2" vent ducting to main vent
  • Edit firmware to make prints take less time
  • Laser calibration to try fixing edge non-linearity
  • Replace hood
  • DC power switch
3D Printer - Prusa MK3S/MMU2SLight bar needs power connection (Unknown voltage) Camera mount needs to be... mounted
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3
  • Troubleshoot calibration issue, G29 command causes hang and code crash
Convection Oven
  • Plumb in vent ducting after AC blast gate
Form Wash & CureFind wash/cure time/temperature table for resins

Glass Zone

Glass Zone TODO


General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Deadline Champion
Remove conduit clamps from B side north The unused ones Done(?)
Touch up paint on B-side as electrical boxes are moved, paint to fill in the shadows 1
Collect all conduit and fittings to one place Somewhere on b side Done(?)
Floor Scrubbing on B-side Don't run the scrubber dry. Spray the area with the hose and apply some purple degreaser first. Run the floor scrubber over the concrete floor - Track what areas have been scrubbed on the sheet that will be posted by the printout of this list. Done
Floor Leveling on B-side Apply floor leveling compound to rough spots 1
Move big sink to B side move to final location and plumb in below B-side treehouse, anytime 2
Front door replacement Find a replacement door, probably frame, and install it 2
Power Runs Label all outlets with the panel and breaker that serves them 2
floor smoothing in wood shop needs real concrete 2
floor smoothing by laser/vinyl needs leveling compound, acid, whole nine yards 2
Thermal Insulation The space leaks some energy in winter, let's find some major leaks and get some solutions in place. Luckily some of our members have FLIRs. 2
Storage rules Storage rules don't quite match the parking permit thing. Fix the rules and put it on the storage page. 2
Conduit Labeling Designate all conduits with the circuits contained therein, and "downstream" (toward-end-device) "flow" arrows. 3
shower to mop sink convert our shower to a mop sink, it can still be used as a shower in emergencies but it has a strainer so you can dump mop buckets in to it and a hose to fill with. 3
Roof vent Wood shop vent needs one of the motors on the motor shelf near the bike zone to be installed. 3
Floor pour in cart storage needs real concrete north of the treehouse stairs. 3
hot water heater look at securing north side to the wall 3
Building ground Tie all the breaker panels to the building beams for ground. Make sure the bus-bar is as well. 5
West wing north vent fan wiring The wire insulation is dead, and that entire area could use cleanup. 6
Rewire old woodshop panel to go off main disconnect instead of from A SW panel It used to be powered through the wall, but was split when A/B were seperated 6
Remove equipment and miscellaneous items along the corner wall on the B-side across from welding zone and auto zone (wall where office and bathroom are) making room to paint a wrap-around mural along that wall 5

Equipment TODOs

APC Smart-UPS 3000VAWhy does plugging a serial to usb thing into the serial port cause it to turn off. That is sub optimal.
Dixie Narco Soda Machine
  • clean coin mech, and re-calibrate
  • fix cooling system (fixed?)
Drone CI
  • Use slack and slack blame into some channel for announcements of pipeline status
  • Also git notifications for salt-core and salt-base repos
  • Better way to edit server-side configuration (instead of re-creating the containers)
Furnace: A Middle
  • needs thermostat
  • Turn towards lasers?
  • Had a label saying fan doesn't work, worked fine for us though.
Furnace: A North
  • Needs a power cycle before it works? Only for cold start though?
  • New thermostat
  • Improve panel access, it's really annoying with how it's currently hung.
Furnace: A South
  • Pilot light won't stay lit, replace thermocouple
  • Needs thermostat
  • turn towards commons?
Furnace: B Mid
  • New Thermostat
Furnace: B North
Furnace: B South
  • Replace switch box on furnace
  • new thermostat
GenieYet to do, short term:
  • Coat battery terminals generously with anticorrosive.
  • Replace the base-run switch.

Wishlist, long term:

  • Diagnose and repair the platform-power connection.
  • Redo the vinyl lettering on the machine panels and sides.
  • Remove, sandblast, repaint, and reinstall the battery bays.
  • Ammeter for charging/discharging current?
IoT Kiosk
  • Add touchscreen capabilities
  • Mcclellan
    • IoT Subnet
    * Wifi IoT network connected to IoT DHCP
    OpenEVSEMaybe replace the i2c cable with something better. There are parts to build another one that has not been completed.
    Salt GodboxTasks:
    • change hypervisor on hardac?
    • Wireguard?
      • Use skynet as endpoint
      • Web VM <-> space permanent link
      • member VPN instead of L2TP?
    • Monitoring VM
      • Grafana
      • Telegraf
      • SNMP
      • syslog server
      • logtail
      • Maybe repurpose mcclellan
    • So many docs
    • Actually train a few other people on how to use the system
    Traffic Lightmake PWM capable
  • Saltify
  • Injection Molding Shop

    General TODOs

    Task Name Description Priority Champion

    Equipment TODOs

    No equipment in zone 'Injection Molding Shop' has todos

    Jewelry Zone

    General TODOs

    Task Name Description Priority Champion

    Equipment TODOs

    No equipment has todos

    Laser Cutter

    Recurring Tasks

    Task Name Description Frequency
    Check chiller water levels Check water levels in chillers and refill with distilled water as needed (see the gauge on the back of the chiller) Potlock
    Clean chiller dust filters Remove the chiller cases and clean out their dust filters Potlock
    Cull scrap materials Sort scrap materials in grey drawers and under Bumblebee's desk into "Usable - keep as is", "Usable - needs trimming” and "Too small to keep.” Throw the latter in the dumpster, and for pieces that need trimming, cut unuseful sections off with the band saw. Sort pieces to be kept into their respective drawers or back under the desk. Guidelines: keep wood items larger than ~50in² and acrylics larger than 15in². Smaller colored acrylics may be kept too. Other materials, use your judgement or ask. Potlock
    Thoroughly vacuum out debris Vacuum out all of the debris that accumulates in the back and sides of the cutting chamber, as well as all of the debris that has fallen below the laser bed. Potlock
    Sweep underneath each laser Sweep out whatever debris has fallen on the floor underneath each laser. Some of this might be useful tools or other items that have gotten lost, so look things over before immediately tossing everything in the trash. Potlock
    Clean dust filters on intake fans Remove and clean the small dust filter on the 120mm case fan on the left side of each laser. Monthly?
    Clean optics and level the bed Please only attempt these if you've been trained to do them. As needed

    Long Term

    Task Name Description Priority Champion
    Add proper limit switches to Bumblebee Currently, the laser only knows it's position in software, based on initial homing. If this glitches for some reason, which it can be prone to do, the gantry will crash, which is Bad. The functionality for proper "STOP when you reach this point" limit switches exists on the laser controller so this could be done with 4 limit switches and some wiring--some of which will have to run through the flexible wire bundle that moves with the gantry. 1

    Equipment TODOs

    Laser Cutter - Chinesium
    • Put in new Bed
    • Rewrite Smoothieware - Why? Seems to work?
    • air assist solenoid
    • air assist nozzle
    • replace power switch with sonoff pow
    • add flow switch
    • add door interlock
    • add max endstops
    • better laser focus
    Laser Cutter - Cyclops
    • Get a honeycomb that we can set on the cutting table.
    • Get a handle on the metal cutting mode.
    Laser Cutter - Full Spectrum
    • The focus slide could be redesigned for less flex.
    • Payment counter?
    • New roller design
    Laser Cutter - WolverineDevelop a list of materials, with speed and power settings for various cutting depths.

    Add bumpers under the lid.

    Add stringer gas shocks so the lid does not slam shut.

    Leather Loft

    General TODOs

    Task Name Description Priority Champion

    Equipment TODOs

    No equipment in zone 'Leather Loft' has todos

    Machine Shop

    General TODOs

    Task Name Description Priority Champion
    Dayton 24" Brake
    • get manuals for wiki
    • Find location for it
    • design mounting solution
    DoAll Band Saw
    • Air pump/chip removal – use shop air
    • Clean/refinish blade guides
    • Write out/establish maintenance procedures and timing (i.e. oiling)
    • Fix roll pin in speed adjustment shaft
    • Buy DoAll colored red and gray paint
    • Touch up paint on DoAll
    • Source blade stock
    • Buy padlock for lockout during service
    • Buy table guide
    • Buy part holders to use with feed chain
    • guides for blade welder (see Evan A., or Matt G.)
    • grinding wheel for blade welder
    Dake Band Saw
    • Clean out blade brushes
    • Clean out chip tray
    • Add fluid if low
    • Replace screws/bolts in switch box that is loose
    Kalamazoo Horizontal Band Saw
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use horizontal band saws
    • braze crack
    • weld up chip tray
    • better affix chip tray (weld and re-tap holes maybe)
    • test moving parts
    • get coolant pump for it and make coolant work
    • wire in
    • paint
    Tapping Machine
    • make wiki page
    • get picture for wiki
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use a tapping machine
    • Remove damaged screw stuck in collet
    • Replace screws with Allen head screws
    • Make/retrofit adjustable tap collet?
    Acer 1440G Lathe
    • Tailstock alignment
    • Additional gears for other threading operations
    Powermatic Sander
    • make wiki page
    • get picture for wiki
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use a sander for metal
    • Replace missing knobs
    • Find table for belt sander portion
    • Make exhaust work
    • Get new belts
    Edlund Drill Press
    • install VFD
    Fix exhaust fans 1
    Belt Grinder
    • mount to base better
    • make wiki page
    • get picture for wiki
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use a belt grinder
    Brown and Sharpe Surface Grinder
    • better storage for surface grinder wheels
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use surface grinders and square the wheels (maybe how to level the chuck)
    • drill bits
    • taps/dies
    • under the arbor press bench
    • under the drill press bench
    • cart in the corner
    • metal mesh cabinet
    • shelf above arbor presses
    • long stock over everything
    sheet metal roller
    • select one
    • buy one
    Niagra 342 Shear
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use a shear like this
    • move to final location
    • apply power
    • make work
    • replace light with LED (add good switch)
    Rockwell Grinder
    • get picture for wiki
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use grinders
    Rockwell Grinder 2
    • get picture for wiki
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use grinders
    Baldor Grinder
    • get picture for wiki
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use grinders
    • replace or find missing nut
    Heinrich Deep Throat Bench Punch
    • get manuals for wiki
    • get some example videos of how to use a punch

    Equipment TODOs

    Acer 1440G LatheCenter Tailstock
    Bridgeport Millreplace or repair light (droops)

    wire in the power feed, light, and DRO so the wires are not in the way run air line to the machine for coolant mister repair coolant mister (droops) buy and add pneumatic drawbar

    buy and add drill-powered knee
    Dayton 24" BrakeBuild a stand and bolt it to the floor
    Edlund Drill PressFix tensioner
    Monarch Series 50 Model 16 Lathe
    • Free up remaining levers
    • Thoroughly clean all surfaces
      • Dismantle gearboxes?
      • Evaporust!
      • Relubricate
    • Flush all gearboxes with kerosene per manual, then refill
    • Order replacement parts\
      • 34966 potentiometer
      • 1222-4
      • 34967 16t bevel gear
      • 35363 spring
      • 1015-5 ball bearing
      • 23900 disconnect switch (handle?)
    • Pin crossfeed handle
    • Make cover for belt tensioner
    • Get/make new handle for disconnect
    • Replace power indicator lamp
    • Test all oiling tubes (after new pot)
    • Clean under threading gearbox cover
    • Exercise the power feed gear selector mechanism
    • Un-sieze, clean, lube micrometer on carriage stop
    • Clean out chip tray
    • Clean/test cutting fluid pump
    • Attach splash guard (make it work)
    • Make a better freeze plug
    • Move to target location
    • Level lathe
    • Re-grease bearings for gearbox (left side)
    • Replace 60A fuses with 40s
    • Figure out authorization/training procedure
    • Connect the ground wire in cabinet
    • Screw down SCRs
    • Get:
      • Work lamp
      • Change gear for metric threading
      • 4 Jaw chuck
      • Collet chuck

    Media Lab

    General TODOs

    Media Lab Description Champion
    Backup then reset Windows PC
    Make fabric sleeve for roll of photo gloss
    put new sign on printer
    Possibly setup DesignJet accounts
    Go through all the bins and misc. items that have collected under the desk
    Paint Compute Desk Paint Compute Desk James O'Dell
    Update wiki Update wiki with printer directions,

    cost listing, printer tutorials

    James O'Dell
    Paint Shelves James O'Dell
    Move server left Move server left to get more leg


    James O'Dell
    Fix Ceiling Plug holes in ceiling and fix walls James O'Dell

    Equipment TODOs

    DesignJet t1100psNeeds a fitted cover, at some point. How-to list for printing patterns and posters on the roll paper at full size.
    • Acquire ink cartridges.
    • Test printer.
    • Setup for fabric printing!

    Sewing Zone

    General TODOs

    Task Name Description Priority Champion

    Equipment TODOs

    Babylock Evolve SergerJan to develop training program

    Make training kit Make machine dust cover Signage for cover

    Develop user fee structure
    Embroidery Machine - Husqvarna Designer SEBetter documentation and investigation into the design/execution toolchain--scheduled to be handled by the Coordinators.

    Coordinators: Regularly check bobbin cutting blade. Order new part from repair shop if damaged.

    Coordinators: Regularly check for nicks/scratches in needle plate. Sand out as necessary. Similarly, nicks in feet should be sanded lightly to reduce the burrs.

    Kevin: Rewrite maintenance page as maintenance + troubleshooting; add link to Husqvarna troubleshooting section of manual (

    Anyone: List available hoop sizes
    Embroidery Machine - Husqvarna Diamond DeluxeSignage for hard cover
    Fabric Cutting Mat 5x10' and tablecopy same use and maintenance instructions from 4x8 page.
    Fabric cutting table/matAdd supports underneath for sewing machine weight Add bolt roller to hold fabric bolts (up to 60"W round and flat)
    Hot Steam gravity fed ironPerform monthly checks and maintenance.
    Husqvarna Designer 1 Sewing MachineAdd instructions

    Add picture Pay Paul for his mom

    Make a list of all accessories included
    Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Emerald 116Missing parts were purchased so machine could be used and have been tested. No other tasks due at this time.
    Juki DDL-5550N-7 Industrial Sewing MachineNew bobbin winder. Install manual knee lift to replace defective servo.
    Kenmore 1503 Sewing Machine (Willow)
    • get actual picture
    • finish model number
    • add maintenance info
    • Has Paul's mom been given a tax slip?
    Kenmore Model 54 Sewing Machine (Violet)Get new belt
    Mini vacuum with micro attachmentsThe pieces are small. Keeping them in their box when done, will help us to not lose them.
    Singer 1507Someone who knows how to use the Singer should update this page with instructions, or at least a more accurate and useful description.

    Tool Crib

    General TODOs

    Task Name Description Priority Champion
    Paint powertools There are still a bunch of tools not painted pink 1 Anyone can do this
    Missing screwdrivers Figure out which screwdrivers are missing, paint any spares, and refill the wall 1 Please?
    Make up borrowable tools rule page and rules Proposed idea is mark some tools as able to be borrowed, people are allowed to borrow those by posting in something like #borrowable_tools when the borrow it for how long they expect to borrow it, and when they return it. The rules would be posted, and anything people want to borrow but isn't on the list can be discussed. Mtfurlan (talk)

    Equipment TODOs

    No equipment in zone 'Tool Crib' has todos

    Vinyl Shop

    General TODOs

    Task Name Description Priority Champion

    Equipment TODOs

    No equipment in zone 'Vinyl Shop' has todos

    Welding Area

    General TODOs

    Task Name Description Priority Champion

    Equipment TODOs

    Bench-Mounted Manual Metal ShearAdd a spring loaded hold down to the left (anvil) side
    New TIGPlug in and test. Update ToDo based on that.
    Welding TableReplace with a proper layout table and a flat welding table w/ threaded anchor holes. Maybe a downdraft table too. 4x8 for the layout table, a couple of 4x4 welding tables that can be clamped together, 3x4 for the downdraft, ideally 3 of them, each with their own set of practice welders.



    • Reverse sort meeting minutes. This will probably be done with sematic mediawiki.
    • Add some "good first task" tasks to this list, for new editors to get their feet wet.
    • Good first task → Find an equipment page that lacks a picture. (Talk to the ZoCo and get some help identifying the equipment, then) Take the picture, upload it, and edit the page to include the uploaded file.
    • Go through all the Board Minutes and find the financial reports and make sure they are also linked in the Financial page.


    Making up better words

    Everything in Category:Landing Page is intended as pages for non-i3 people to show up at. We should put extra focus on putting good words there.

    Adding content



    • EAP: Reformat all dates to be yyyy-mm-dd
    • EAP: sorttable/sorting order on transcluded queries - probably the user table generation
    • EAP: make user tables and trainer tables have prettylinks
    • EAP: add comment on authorized users table that ZCs should email wiki@ if they can't edit
      • Alternatively, make it unrestricted until someone goes dumb and tries to add themselves without actually getting authorized first
    • EAP: Figure out how to add second trainer to lasers
      • Tried to make the trainer field parallel to the owners field, but it isn't working. It could be because the trainers field is in a multiple-instance field. Also, when formatting for display, the owners field uses an arraymap, but since the trainers property is a subobject, everything is weird. I don't remember how to call an arraymap within a subobject declaration, or even if it can be done. Everything is confusing and future jamie should take pity on this jamie and not be mad at her :-(
    • Meeting minutes: Use template subclusion to auto-populate with old business, previous action items, current space projects, even zones and sigs maybe
      • See if wikibot can help with this
    • Make ToDos editable with forms
    • Learn cargo and see if it's worth rewriting all the SMW stuff in a more database-like format
    • Talk pages would be more useful if they indicated LOUDLY that they exist, or that they have new content on them, cuz on our wiki they're so rare most of us forget to look for 'em

    Fixing broken things

    • Amelia Meyer cannot add authorised users to her zone's equipment (like the 3D_Printer_-_Rostock_MAX), but can add trainers
      • The text-entry boxes are greyed-out for the authorised users, and white for the trainers
      • Looks like a permissions issue
        • Wiki accounts allowed to add users to these lists should have access to both in general
    • make SMW error icon mouse over-able like it's supposed to
      • Jamie has advice from the SMW mailing list somewhere in her inbox.

    serverside stuff

    • commit config
    • fix plugins git stuff
    Adding plugins

    Wood Shop

    General TODOs

    Task Name Description Priority Champion
    Disassemble old wood rack Disassemble old wood storage rack and dispose of old wood. Retain casters. 1 Tim C.
    Shop Vacs Check and clean out all shop vacs 1 Tim C
    Drop power cords Add drop power reels over workbench locations. Add 120V plugs in ceiling.

    Equipment TODOs

    Jet Drill Press
    • Build Cabinet for Drill Press tools and accessories
    Jet Drum SanderAdd outfield tables
    Milwaukee Panel Saw
    SawStop Table Saw
    • make cutting fixtures and storage for saw things

    Concrete tasks

    Doable, solid, well-defined tasks (with needed supplies and notes)

    • Re-hang maker faire project glossies around perimeter/parapet
    • Vinyl a few more for the breaker panels, Nikki has the design already done.
    • Relocate emergency phone info signs to actually be near the phones.
    • Stuff the Yudu machine (below vinyl/behind plotter) back in its box (above vinyl?).
    • Re-establish cart-parking in place of e-lab overflow after the floor has been leveled and sealed a bit
    • Repaint/revinyl n2d2
    • Make a poster about what laser scrap to keep (useful pieces) vs dumpster (remnants that're mostly empty space)
    • Iron on vinyl label "safety glasses" for canvas pockets near bandsaw
    • Make a sheet-metal diverter for the northeast furnace to send partial flow into metalshop.
    • Make official-looking sign for front area with Board of Directors, Officers, and Zone Coordinators' names and pictures (Figure out exact design and placement-on corkboard where pictures are now? On whiteboard wall?)
    • Make "how to phone" cheatsheets for phones

    Abstract or more-planning-needed tasks

    • Make float switch for 12v sump pump, finish backup pump in north sump
    • Create a theme for the wiki that reflects the main website's feel
    • Find a way for the CRM to add/remove people to/from the Google Groups
    • Build printer that, when presented with a member's RFID tag, prints a label with name/date/email/etc
    • Equip the snack vending machine with a bill acceptor
    • Finish the OpenAccess system CRM integration