Creality CR30 Belt Printer

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Creality CR30 Belt Printer
Name 3D Printer - Creality CR30
Zone Fab Lab

Owner Paul Frick
Make Model Creality CR-30
Part Number
Date Acquired 2023.03.11
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Down
Value $1500

Power Requirements 120VAC
Other References


Conveyer Belt 3D Printer

  • Build volume: ~200mm x ~150mm x ~Infinity
  • Up to 240 deg C for now (upgrade in process to >250 deg C)
  • PLA works best, PETG works too, ABS not tried
  • 0.4mm nozzle, do not replace because it is a process

This printer does not have the best print quality, and is slow. If you want a really good print quality and don't have time to wait, look to the left and use the Prusa.

If you are fine with that and have something that is too long for the Prusa, then this is the printer for you.

This printer is perfect if you want a 3D printed linked chain that can roll off the end of the bed and into a box and is infinity length long so long as you keep supplying filament. It is also really good at printing half a sword in one part. Half a sword, because the printer is really good at printing things that have a lot of contact area with the belt, so you will likely want to split the sword in half lengthwise.

It is likely good for other things that have not been listed here.


Printer will be up for use by anyone freely until someone breaks it, at which point it will be reconsidered. Hopefully belts are available for replacement. Contact Paul Frick for training if desired.

1. Printer calibration is tricky, do not touch the screw knobs on the sides of the belt unless you've read the calibration manual. Manual TBD.

2. If printer is not working or is making funny noises, stop using and consult the FabLab slack.

3. If needed, use purple glue stick on belt. Belt seems to have a low spot in the center, so add glue stick at least in center if prints are not adhering.

4. Use only a 45 degree slicing Slicer with belt printer support.

5. Do not use a scraper on the belt.


Slicer needs to support belt printing

  • Use Creality Cura belt slicer
  • OR, any slicer with belt support, prints at 45 degree angle

Interface is standard Creality LCD with click knob.

To run a print:

1. Slice file using belt printer slicer. Creality has one at

2. Save print file to SD card.

3. Insert SD card upside down into slot in front of printer.

4. Turn on printer with switch on side next to power cord. Also make sure power cord is plugged in on both ends.

5. Wait until printer boots.

6. Click on knob to enter menu, scroll down. If "Attach SD Card" is present, click on that to mount the SD card. Also there is an item for "Release SD card" if removal of the card is desired while the printer is on. Otherwise, click on option "Print from SD Card".

7. Use knob to select print file. Also check bed to make sure it is cleared and glue stick is added if needed. If there is debris on the bed, clean with IPA and add glue stick if needed.

8. Printer will ask you to confirm you want to print. Check to make sure filament is loaded if you haven't already. If filament load is needed, skip to filament load instructions then come back here after that. If all is good, confirm the print.

9. Watch the start of the print to confirm adhesion. IF print stop or pause is needed, click the knob to enter the menu and scroll to the "Stop Print" or "Pause Print" options and select those.

10. Once the print is complete, it will still be adhered to the belt (hopefully). To unstick from the belt, please refer to the "Moving the Z-axis (belt)" Section.

Filament Loading/Unloading:

1. If on info screen on LCD, click knob to enter menu. Otherwise navigate menu to main menu, select "Change Filament".

2. Select filament to heat the nozzle to, for previous filament removal. If no filament is currently loaded, pick the filament you want to load.

3. Once the nozzle is at temperature, the printer will try to unload the filament. This will cause the filament to move backwards through the bowden tube. Once unload is complete, pull on filament to remove from bowden tube and through filament sensor. If filament is stuck, use handle on extruder motor to release extruder gear and keep trying to pull filament out. If this still doesn't work, check with slack channel.

4. Once filament is removed if filament was previously loaded, place new filament spool if desired on spool holder, with the tail towards the top of the printer.

5. Insert filament through filament run out sensor (little black box) then into the bowden tube held by the red bracket. Insert until it cannot be freely inserted anymore.

6. Click the knob to engage the filament loading operation.

7. Check if filament it moving, if not try pushing it into the tube, if it does not move or is jammed check with the slack channel.

8. Once loading stops, if the filament needs to be purged more, select the "Purge more" option on the menu, otherwise select "Continue"

Moving the Z-axis (belt)

1. If on info screen, click knob to enter menu. Otherwise navigate to main menu, select "Motion".

2. Select "Move Axis", then select "Move Z-axis".

3. Select move increment, for the Z-axis the 10mm option is usually best since it moves the fastest. In that menu, use the knob to scroll up to increase the Z-axis travel. Scroll this until the object is off the bed or until the amount of bed you are applying glue stick to has traveled past.

4. Click the knob to go back to the previous menu.


1. Be sure to turn off the printer using the switch next to the power cord.

Maintenance Info

Belt automatic leveling not supported, dial indicator to be used for manual leveling if needed.



What is this thing for?

  • Printing really long things
  • Printing a lot of things because printer can auto unload prints off the end of the belt into a box


User guide, instructions, TBD

Creality CR30 Belt Printer Paul Frick Zone: Fab Lab "/>