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When a Vice-President will miss a Board/Member meeting, best practice is to inform the Board email list. That way, the group knows to not delay the meeting waiting for everyone to arrive. It is not necessary to provide an excuse. It is also considerate, before taking a break from the work you are doing together with your colleagues, to briefly inform them, so they know to move forward without holding up deliberations.



When Should You Contact This Officer


Duties breakdown between Treasurer, onboarding, and retention

  • Organize Friday Night Tours
  • In charge of the membership sign up process
  • Gets keys for new members
  • makes sure a CRM login is given to the new member
  • Gets member on e-mail lists
  • gives slack invite/tells them about slack
  • within 120 days contact them about helping out
  • refers change plan requests to Treasurer ->
  • report on new members numbers and analysis of onboarding conversion rate and turn. (onboarding -> membership, or stalled)
  • takes and accounts for dues
  • handles dunning (collections)
  • handles changing of membership plans in the CRM
  • gets re-joined members' key reactivated
  • generates list of people ending their membership to give to offboarding ->
  • collects any information from people leaving and passes them to offboarding ->
  • handles the dead key list, getting keys out of the keypad
  • follows up with people from the treasurer's list of poeple ending membership, either by ceasing payment or request
  • notifies exiting members about:
    • potential left storage and when it becomes i3 property
    • any loaned tools that need to be taken away or they will also become i3 property
    • ask for the key back
    • ask why they are leaving
  • follow up about:
    • storage (empty it, or tell storage@)
    • re-label tools as i3 property (wiki too)
  • refers change plan requests to Treasurer ->
  • collects and analyses information about why members are departing
  • handles flushing of passwords from departing members
  • member flow analysis
    • in vs. out
    • seasonal trends
    • event based trends(any single event that causes an up or down in membership)
  • Define what "hiatus" means Minutes:Board Meeting Minutes 20200811

The membership coordinator has responsibilities delegated from the Secretary and will perform the following duties

  • Provide at the request of the secretary a current and up-to date membership book. (maintain the non-accounting portion of the CRM)
  • Coordination of former members and their various access and permissions
  • Coordinating volunteers for membership sign ups
  • Oversee the mentorship program
  • Coordinate with zone-coordinators to ensure monthly orientations and training (Should this be under the VP of classes and activities now?)
  • Occasionally go through the Google Groups and follow up with outstanding (not accepted) invitations.


  • Number of new members joined and in onboarding
  • Total number of members
  • Report at first Tuesday meeting

On departure

  • Set an end-date for the membership plan
  • Start a new "hiatus" plan, if requested.
  • Queue key deactivation (Nate B as MC, this means putting an entry in my "todo-when-at-i3" list)
  • Email the member (and cc the treasurer) that this is done
  • In that email, make sure they remembered to clean out their member storage, de-label the plot, and edit the Storage Plot List

On return from hiatus

  • Confirm member is on all groups
  • Invite them to review/repeat the signup training if they feel it prudent
  • Reactivate key

Useful links

Onboarding Process

  • Google sheets of submissions for Phase 1 and Phase 2 - completed by members
  • Checklist for keeping track of what stage of the process different potential members are at and making sure all tasks have been completed on the VP of Onboarding side - completed by VP of Onboarding

Scholarship Administration

  • Scholarship submission tracking sheet - completed by members
  • Tracking sheet for status of active and former scholarships - completed by VP of Onboarding

The Great Key Reactivation of 2020

  • PIN/key status tracking workbook recording the status of each members keys as well as some automation to determine who has met the required criteria (waiver and previously COVID policy Google Form) to have their key turned back on
  • List of completed liability waivers (and a bonus form for converting that data into a format that can be dumped directly into the PIN workbook)

Onboarding VP Email Blurbs

Email List Invites

i3-Public Invite: This email list is open to anyone who wants to speak with i3 members. This list is for you if:

  • You are hosting an event at the space which will be open to the public.
  • Have business that doesn't have to be kept space-confidential.
  • Are a prospective member hoping someone can sign you in to work on your journey to membership.

Joining this mailing list is a required prerequisite to becoming a member of i3 so, please accept this invitation!

i3-Private Invite: This is the members-only list where you will find day to day business such as tool questions, policy discussions, event planning, etc. It's the place to ask most questions if you can't find info in the wiki! Get in the habit of reading it often, this is how we stay up to date on the group, but it can be high-volume so folders and filters are probably a good idea.

Start by posting an introduction, tell us:

  • Who you are (name, preferred pronouns, and if you use a handle or nickname, tell us the story behind it!)
  • How you first heard about i3Detroit
  • What your talents are that you hope to share with other members
  • What you're most interested in learning
  • If you had a(nother) superpower, what would it be?

Please include your name in the subject line (like "New member Pat Smith"), and it would also be really helpful to include a photo if you can.

i3-Announce Invite: This is the google group for i3 Detroit Announce. It is NOT for day to day business. It is important information that every member needs to read, such as vote announcements. This list will convey parking tickets mostly but also, should there be a flood, fire, robotic revolution, or any other major event affecting all members' use of the space, it'll be announced here.

Please don't filter this one; read it as it comes in!

Stale List Invite Reminders


I was checking on some membership paperwork today and noticed that you haven't accepted your invitation to i3Detroit's members-only Google Group:

That means you're not receiving the group's internal communications, and it also means we haven't gotten your introductory post to learn about our newest member! Please look back into your email, it should've come from "i3detroit <>" or something very much like that.



I was checking on some membership paperwork today and noticed that you haven't accepted your invitation to i3Detroit's important-announcements Google Group:

That means you're not receiving the low-traffic announcements like elections, important space news, and abandoned property that might get thrown out! Please look back into your email, it should've come from "i3detroit-announce <>" or something very much like that.

Other Emails

Phase 1 to 2 Congratulations, you have completed the steps for Phase 1 of the i3Detroit new member adventure! You should have received a pair of emails, one for your account on the i3 CRM (please go there and input your emergency contact and other useful information) and another granting you access to modify the i3Detroit Wiki (if you add some stuff to your user page there people will know who you are, you should do that). Please set up passwords for both of these services and when that is done your journey will continue with Phase 2! Good luck!

P.S. (anything they missed in phase 1 that's not bad enough to delay the process but should still be brought to their attention)

Invite for Memberification: You should have recently received emails inviting you to the i3detroit (private) and i3-announce mailing lists! Please join these lists and submit your introduction to the private list (see your i3detroit invitation for details).

After that's done it is time for the final step in your journey to becoming an i3 Detroit member, the Memberification Meeting! These take place after the first general member meeting of the month (99% of the time this is the first Tuesday, but check the calendar to be sure). It is advisable (though not required) that you bring a laptop to this appointment to simplify dues payment set up. Please respond to this message with your availability so we know how many new members to expect at each session! If this time doesn't work for you let us know and we'll work something out.

Scholarship Expiration Reminder: Hello! This is a reminder that your i3Detroit scholarship expires later this month. If you still have a financial need you are encouraged to reapply at If you have any questions, feel free to email Good luck!

phase steps

after phase 1:

  • email about fire extinguishers :)
  • check member joined to public, copy email
  • paste into new CRM record, enter realname, username, set to ONBOARDING plan, save.
  • create wiki account
  • email from membership@ with link to phase 2

after phase 2:

  • check wiki activity, slack status
  • check emergency contact info in CRM
  • copy email from CRM record into group invites for announce and members, send invites
  • send email asking for new-member post, and suggesting finalization-and-key appointment (at meeting?)

finally memberfying:

  • make sure they make new-member post
  • close-the-space tour (tap another recently-joined member to share this work of teaching?)
  • paper membership form (PDF | Editable)-- gotta get their signature! completed forms to folder
  • pay dues, check in CRM payments tab, email treasurer@ if not seeing it
  • make key
  • enter key in CRM
  • be sure to start a plan in the CRM, that's not automatic anymore!

suggestion for job description from Terry W

This is simply a suggestion/opinion on what might be in the job description as selected by the Board in upcoming months.

  • Select one or a few numeric metrics/goals for the office year.
  • Report on the numeric progress against those goals in a written report in the Board Minutes each month.
  • Also in that report should be a list for the prior month of the transitions between plans and a net gain/loss of voting members
  • The authority to set membership rights policy, which must be published on page Membership_Plans. (subject to Board overrule/recall) which should be listed on a single wiki entry point.
  • The authority to set membership entrance method, criteria, which should be listed on a single wiki entrance point.
  • The responsibility to manage membership entrance/signup and new member promotions and publish these at New_Member_Orientation.