DesignJet t1100ps

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DesignJet t1100ps
T1100 plotter.jpg
Name DesignJet t1100ps Plotter
Zone Media Lab

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model DesignJet t1100ps
Part Number Q6687A S/N MY87G5C01G
Date Acquired 2017-03
Storage Location TBD -- Currently in front of the printers.
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $1049.89
IP Address
MAC Address 00:40:ca:a3:b8:01

Documentation Or deadtree on the printer.


File:HP Designjet T1100 T1100ps T610 Printer Series Service Manual.pdf


Other References Parts & Supplies list w/ part numbers:


A color inkjet printer / plotter designed for printing high-quality images on paper up to 44 inches (1.12 m) wide. Some major features are (excerpted from HP website):

  • Print resolution of up to 2400 × 1200 optimized dpi, from a 1200 × 1200 dpi input, using the Best print-quality option, the Maximum Detail option, and photo paper
  • HP Easy Printer Care (Windows) and HP Printer Utility (Mac OS)
  • Job management
  • Calibration of printer
  • Accurate and consistent color reproduction with automatic color calibration
  • Economode for printing economically
  • Six-ink system
  • Color emulations
  • Job previewing and nesting using HP Easy Printer Care

(Windows) or HP Printer Utility (Mac OS) or the printer's Embedded Web Server

  • Ink and paper usage information available from the Web from the Embedded Web Server
  • Paper flexibility and automatic easy load


Training required before use.


Installing the Printer

The plotter is an HP DesignJet t1100ps. It is connected to the network using an HP JetDirect EX interface. The printserver's IP address is Please don't change the printserver's IP address or configuration, it is not at fault.


Drivers for many O/Ss can be found here:

How Much Does it Cost?

The printer will tell you the paper and ink used for each job. Please check the job online and contribute toward the consumables. This pays for both ink and paper. Put money in the box beside the printer and pat it on the back for a job well done.

List of Supplies and Costs

Note that not all of these supplies are available or compatible. There is an X next to the media that have been checked with the HP website. This list also includes links to the media specs. File:SuppliesPrices.xlsx

Loading Paper

Loading Roll Paper

Please see the manual until it can be tested and summarized here.

Loading Sheet Paper

Please see the manual until it can be tested and summarized here.

Poster Printing

In Photoshop create a custom paper size matching the dimension of your poster. The dimension of the side of your poster you want parallel to the paper spool needs to be in the width section. Set the layout to landscape and keep an eye on the first few passes of the print head to confirm it is printing in the correct orientation!

Please see the manual until it can be tested and summarized here.

When You're Done

Before you walk away, make sure that the printhead is "parked" on the left side. Do not turn the machine off. It will go into sleep mode on its own. Turning it off will result in it doing a lengthy (20 minute) calibration when turned back on. Please see the manual until it can be tested and summarized here.

For More Information

The user manual for the printer is available here: The paper manuals are on the printer itself.

Useful user notes

You can submit jobs directly through the web interface. Make sure your print job is already saved to the size you want it to print out from what ever program you made it in(if you want the poster to be 35 in wide by 52 long, then save is as 32inx52in). Also make sure that it is saved in portrait direction. Whichever side is at the top of the screen will be what comes out of the printer 1st. If you try to rotate the image in Linux, the rotation will not be recognised in the web interface. Rotate it in Windows instead.

Maintenance Info


• Currently Available Paper:

  HP Bright White - 36" x 150' - C3859A
  HP Translucent Bond - 36" x 150' - C3859A
  HP Universal Bond - 36" x 100' - Q1397A
  HP Universal Gloss Photo Paper - 36" x 100' - Q1427B

  HP Universal Bond - 24" x 150' - Q1396A
  HP Universal Heavyweight Coated - 24" x 100' - Q1412B (Out of Stock)


Needs a fitted cover, at some point. How-to list for printing patterns and posters on the roll paper at full size.

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