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Name OpenEVSE car charger
Zone Infrastructure

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model OpenEVSE v4 and nodemcu
Part Number n/a
Date Acquired 2015-01
Storage Location By the bay door
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $350
IP Address
MAC Address 2C:3A:E8:35:D9:7C
Hostname ESP_35D97C

Other References


DIY car charger for the space. Built from a kit, works great.



If there is garbage on the screen, reboot using the fuse box above the device

Maintenance Info

wifi module is running The value on line 133 of src.ino is chagned from 30000 to 120000 to lower the frequency of mqtt status updates

NB It needed to be compiled with this version of the ESPAsyncTCP library:


MQTT Data Reporting

  • amp: reports Amps * 100
  • wh: reports Watt-seconds
  • state:
    • 1:"Not Connected"
    • 2:"EV Connected"
    • 3:"Charging"
    • 4:"Vent Required"
    • 5:"Diode Check Failed"
    • 6:"GFCI Fault"
    • 7:"No Earth Ground"
    • 8:"Stuck Relay"
    • 9:"GFCI Self Test Failed"
    • 10:"Over Temperature"
    • 254:"Sleeping"
    • 255:"Disabled"


Maybe replace the i2c cable with something better. There are parts to build another one that has not been completed.

OpenEVSE Zone: Infrastructure "/>