Kenmore 1503 Sewing Machine (Willow)

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Kenmore 1503 Sewing Machine (Willow)
Kenmore Willow 1503.jpeg
Name Kenmore (Willow)
Zone Sewing Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model 1503
Part Number
Date Acquired 2019-05
Storage Location Craft Room, south desks
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $200

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Vintage sewing machine with solid features.


  • Do not sew over pins.
  • Remove thread only in the direction of the thread path. If you're unfamiliar with threading and the path, please see the coordinator for a training lesson.
  • Keep accessories with the machine and store them appropriately when done so they don't get lost. We have an amazing set of cams, some of which are harder to replace.


Attention: can only work with the pedal provided with it. Because it was rewired wrong by someone in the past.

Maintenance Info



  • get actual picture
  • finish model number
  • add maintenance info
  • Has Paul's mom been given a tax slip?

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