Singer 1507

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Singer 1507
CraftRoomInventory SingerSewingMachine FrontView Large.jpg
Name Singer 1507 Sewing Machine
Zone Sewing Zone

Owner Unknown
Make Model Singer 1507 Sewing Machine
Part Number Serial number 1507 ZHC624605060
Date Acquired
Storage Location Craft Room, W. Wall
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $90

Other References Quick troubleshooting list:


It's white. With star stickers on it. This is a basic machine that is simple for beginning sewers. It has straight and zigzag stitching, buttonhole settings, plus a few decorative stitch patterns. With the accessories we have, you can sew straight or zigzag seams, sew in zippers and make buttonholes. There are feet available to purchase that would allow you to do blind hems and sew buttons on.


Do not push or pull the fabric while stitching. It may deflect the needle causing it to break.

Do not sew over pins.


Important to note: There are two needle positions for straight stitching - center and right. Usually, the right will be used with the zipper foot. With any foot, be sure the needle has clearance before you stitch. If you installed a foot with narrow opening and your needle position is to the right or in a zigzag/decorative mode, the needle will strike the foot and be damaged. It can even cause issues with machine timing.

The manual includes some helpful information on threads, needles, stitch length, etc.

Maintenance Info

There are sewing machine needles in the sewing kits referenced in the Craft Room inventory; this machine uses standard sewing needles. The manual suggests Singer brand for best results but Schmetz may be used. See page 18 of printed/downloaded manual (page 21 if you're viewing online) for specific needle sizes for the type of fabric you're using. Usually you can use a Universal needle size 80/12. Install the needle with the flat side to the back and be certain it's all the way up before tightening. Installation works the same on most if not all home sewing machines. Bobbins: this machine uses Class 15 bobbins.

Link to parts source:

Cleaning and oiling maintenance info is on page 38 of the printed/downloaded manual (page 41 online version). For best results, cleaning of lint must be done regularly.



Someone who knows how to use the Singer should update this page with instructions, or at least a more accurate and useful description.

Singer 1507 Unknown Zone: Sewing Zone "/>

The Singer's identification plate, showing the serial number.
CraftRoomInventory SingerSewingMachine FrontView Large.jpg
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