RFID entry system

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RFID entry system
Name ESP RFID door controller
Zone Infrastructure

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model ESP-RFID relay board
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location Mounted to the wall near the door
Authorization Required No
Status Running
IP Address a side:; b side:
MAC Address A side: 58:BF:25:DB:82:7E; b side: 58:BF:25:DC:62:8E
Hostname a-side-main, b-side-office
Documentation code

programming script HOWTO Program a key

Other References


This is the door controller that controls access to the building




  • Scan your key against the rectangular LED
Keypad on A-side main door
Scan location on A-side main door
Keypad on B-side office door
Scan location on B-side office door
  • Type in your PIN
  • Press enter
  • On successful PIN entry, the door will unlock for 3s, then automatically lock
  • No audible feedback is given at this time, just try the door as you type the last digit of your PIN
  • If you have entry problems, please contact Mark Furland or Amelia Meyer


A-Side Main:

  • Press the crashbar as normal
Exit crashbar on A-side main door
  • The magnet will re-engage 3s after the bar has been pressed

B-Side Office:

  • Press the green EXIT button
Exit button on B-side office door
  • The magnet will re-engage 3s after the button has been pressed

Or just use the door handle

Maintenance Info

Door log is at /var/log/mqtt-door.log



Known esp rfid bugs (not reported to esp rfid because making test cases is annoying)

  • Doors scan as the previous user occasionally
  • doors crash a lot when reading the user list

Future Plans:

  1. make a script that can automagically pull the spreadsheet, but this is a google permissions issue and I think the best way is to create an account that only has read access to the spreadsheet and use credentials from that and I've been lazy.
  2. Update CRM to replace slot with pin, and put all the keys back in the CRM.
  3. Cronjob or something to update the doors, but this will need some more error handling because the doors will often crash if you sync twice. You just have to retry, but it's annoying.

RFID entry system Zone: Infrastructure https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/images/Authorization_not_required.svg "/> https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/RFID_entry_system

Wiring Notes

Keypad connection

From the top of the board the order is

  • D0
  • D1
  • WG (N/C)
  • BUZ
  • LED
  • GND
  • VIN
  • F1 (N/C)
  • F2 (N/C)

colour table

purpose reader extension
12V red brown
GND black brown/white
D0 green green
D1 white green/white
LED blue blue
beep yellow orange
??? grey(not populated on all keypads) orange/wite
N/C N/C blue/white

non-keypad connections

  • Button has a button
  • Door Stat: not connected
  • 12V
  • RSW: Not connected, no idea
  • RPDW: Connected to magnet coil

RFID Key Formats

There are three formats for the data in our flavour of RFID:

  1. 1 26 bit decimal number, just a number, written on keyfobs
  2. 2 16 bit decimal numbers, <5 digits>:<5 digits>, currently (2022-07-29) in the CRM and written on the cards.
  3. the number but as hex It's what is in the spreadsheet right now.

Converting formats

  • To go from hex to decimal: echo 0x05094D8 | perl -nle 'print hex'
    • 0x is optional
  • To go from 2 16 bit to decimal: echo 80:38104 | perl -laF/:/ -e 'print (($F[0] << 16) + $F[1])'
  • To go from decimal to 2 16 bit:echo 5280984 | perl -ne 'printf "%03d:%05d\n", $_ >> 16, $_ & 0xFFFF'
  • Decimal to hex: echo 5280984 | perl -nle 'printf "0x%X\n", $_'

There is also ablog post and Google Sheet about this.