HOWTO Propose rule/policy/procedure changes

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Remember to be Excellent to each other throughout this process!

Someone pointing out a something you didn't consider about your idea can sometimes come across as mean, but try to remember that we're all doing the best we can to improve i3.

Figure out where the thing you want to change lives and what rules cover it's changing

Many changes don't require changing the official rules or doing an official vote!

Just get general consensus from people that might be affected, and that's good enough. Following the same process can be helpful though, it guarantees that affected people get to comment.

  • Bylaws: mostly stuff relating to state stuff, but misc stuff currently lives here. Requites member vote and board vote to change.
  • Standing Rules: stuff about how we actually operate. Requites member vote to change
  • Zone stuff: Everything inside a zone is zone coordinator fiat, nobody else gets a say unless the zone coordinator asks (but they basically always want to hear your ideas iff you're willing to help)
  • Storage: mix of the standing rules and whatever is on that page and the parking permit/ticket
  • The Board: some stuff is run by the board, that has slightly different requirements: HOWTO Bring A Proposal to the Board
    • Basically just floorspace, money allocation to zones and zone-like objects, bylaws changes, and other stuff that most people don't care about

Discuss the changes you want to make with some people

It's rare that your first pass at drafting an idea is both easy to understand and not missing something, so talking to people about it helps you remove misunderstandings and just make it better

The bigger the change you want the more input you should get

Start a discussion on the mailing list and put it on a meeting agenda

Michigan requires 10 day notice of rules changes, but even for non "official" stuff it's it's polite to let people know that there will be discussion about whatever topic at the next meeting.

Ideally, any large issues will get discussed and once we get to the meeting everyone is happy and in agreement with your proposal.

If you want to make life slightly easier for the secretary, when putting your thing on the minutes use the Template:Proposal but that's not required

Fill out the Author, Description, and Context sections

|Description=Change the rules to do something new
|Context=additional context for why this proposal is necessary