HOWTO Propose rule/policy/procedure changes

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Remember to be Excellent to each other throughout this process.

1. Find a member or become the champion for the study

2. Announce to the mailing list and/or at a meeting your subject and call for interested participants.

  • Out of courtesy, run your idea past at least a couple other members.
  • Bring up your idea at a meeting
  • Get some help

3. Meet to discuss and write your proposal with all committee members agreeing to the document.

4. If the committee is in conflict or ideas may be controversial petition the board for their opinion/advice.

5. Prepare a final proposal for open review and discussion on the list and or Wiki

  • Date and times for a final vote
  • Post it to the Mailing list
  • A good rule of thumb is to post a proposal a week before the meeting in which it will be discussed. No one likes last minute surprises!
    • If it's an actual standing rules change or something it legally has to be 10 days because MCL 450.1404

6.Final vote at Member meeting

  • Announce the date of the vote