Bridgeport Mill

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Bridgeport Mill
Name Bridgeport Mill
Zone Machine Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired 2018-05
Storage Location East wall
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $3250

Documentation File:BP Mill Series1 Manual.pdf

DRO manual identical power feed manual

Other References


This is the large milling machine located in the machine shop.


Put the rules that govern the use of this tool here.

  • Clean up your mess
  • When you are done using the machine, please center the vise to the middle of the table. This allows for equal weight distribution, which will extend the life of the machine


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Maintenance Info


A list of commonly asked questions


replace or repair light (droops) wire in the power feed, light, and DRO so the wires are not in the way run air line to the machine for coolant mister repair coolant mister (droops) buy and add pneumatic drawbar buy and add drill-powered knee

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Brandon Biller 2012/01/01
Jim Kemp 2016/03/21
Jody Raiford 2018/10/01
Evan Allen 2019/10/04
Kevin Fanning 2020/01/23
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Daniel Pawlak Brandon Biller 2016/03/21
James Freed Brandon Biller 2016/03/22
Matt Gardeski Brandon Biller 2016/03/21
Evan Allen Brandon Biller 2016/03/21
Terry Wynn Brandon Biller 2016/03/21
Jim Kemp Brandon Biller 2016/03/21
Matt Carpenter Brandon Biller 2016/03/22
Matt Patrick Brandon Biller 2016/03/22
Colin Martin Brandon Biller 2016/05/17
Tom Kim Brandon Biller 2016/05/17
Arthur Bledsoe Terry Wynn 2016/04/04
Scott Lananna Terry Wynn 2016/04/04
John Podlaseck Terry Wynn 2016/04/04
Glenn Moore Terry Wynn 2016/04/04
Robert White Terry Wynn 2018/02/15
Matt Lewis Matt Gardeski 2017/09/29
Robert Sandfield Matt Gardeski 2017/11/05
Tom Nardone Jim Kemp 2018/4/3
Frank La Marca Jody Raiford 2018/04/17
Matthew From Jody Raiford 2018/11/13
Kevin Bastyr Jody Raiford 2019/06/25
David Hyland Jody Raiford 2019/06/25
Kevin Bingham Jody Raiford 2019/06/25
Keith Harfield Jody Raiford 2019/07/09
Tim Wainz Jody Raiford 2019/12/01
Ramin Mirshab Jody Raiford 2019/12/13
Thomas Mackey Jody Raiford 2020/02/11
Patrick Guyon Kevin Fanning 2020/06/05
Isaac Jackel Que Fanning 2021/07/06
Gary Grzebienik Evan Allen 2021/07/08
Grayson Browne Evan Allen 2022-03-19
Dave Hurt Jody Raiford 2022-05-04
Freddy Neumann Jody Raiford 2022/06/30

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