Laser Cutter - Chinesium

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Laser Cutter - Chinesium
Name 40W Laser Cutter
Zone Laser Cutter

Owner Mike Williams
Make Model Chinesium
Part Number K40
Date Acquired 2017/04/24
Storage Location Under the table in the laser zone
Authorization Required No
Status Down

Documentation smoothieboard pinout
Other References



  • Please donate $0.25/min of cut time


It takes Gcode over USB, please run the chiller before lasering as there is currently no interlock for that.

This file worked well for me to stream a gcode file:

Usage: ./ gcodeFile /dev/ttyACM0

I used visicut to generate my gcode file, but I'm not sure I recommend that program.

- Mtfurlan (talk) 19:59, 10 July 2019 (EDT)

Maintenance Info



  • Put in new Bed
  • Rewrite Smoothieware - Why? Seems to work?
  • air assist solenoid
  • air assist nozzle
  • replace power switch with sonoff pow
  • add flow switch
  • add door interlock
  • add max endstops
  • better laser focus

Laser Cutter - Chinesium Mike Williams Zone: Laser Cutter "/>

approximate wiring diagram
power supply explanation