Edlund Drill Press

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Edlund Drill Press
Name Edlund Metal Drill Press
Zone Machine Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Edlund 3B15
Part Number
Date Acquired 2013-04
Storage Location Machine shop.
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $500

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  • This is a 3 pulley belt driven drill press!
  • The shaft is fit with a Morse taper, which typically contains a Jacobs chuck.



  • Secure the work
    • "Work" is whatever you want to put holes in.
    • Make sure your work is secure before drilling. The table doesn't have slots, but typically the heavy vise that lives on the table is enough mass to keep things from spinning. Add clamps if needed, especially if the drill is huge or the work is especially difficult.
    • Try to make sure to have room underneath your work for the drill to exit. A supporting block of scrap word can really help support things.

  • Fit the Bit
    • Put your chosen twist drill bit into the chuck. Make sure to snug it first by hand and then by the chuck key. Ideally, tighten the chuck key in all three holes.

  • Set the Speed
    • There's a selector for direction, but changing the actual speed requires messing with the belts. It's a tad complicated for a text guide, so ask someone to show you. (If you can write a full description, please do.)
    • This drill press is usually set to drill metal, which uses slower speeds than wood or plastic. If you are drilling wood, there's a drill press in the Wood Shop that is geared for higher speeds.

  • Adjust the Table
    • If needed, you can use the crank to raise/lower the table. Be gentle, as we've already repaired it once.
    • Make sure that you have enough range in the drill travel to drill the depth you need, but be careful not to drill into the table or vise.

  • Drill your hole
    • Turn it on, make sure the direction is right for the drill bit, and then gently turn the handle, lowering the drill bit into the work.
    • Use drilling fluid if needed!

Source: https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=how+to+use+a+drill+press+basics

  • Removing the chuck
    • The Jacobs chuck with a Morse taper is typically installed. If you want to take it out, there is a Drift (metal wedge thing) that lives in the groove on the back side of the table.
    • put a block of wood or some rags or something under the cuck so it isn't damaged when it drops loose
    • Insert the narrow end of the drift into the window on the side of the shaft.
    • Give the drift a tap with a deadblow hammer, which will force the taper out of the socket.

  • Installing the chuck
    • Install by making sure the Morse taper is clean, then gently inserting it into the socket.
    • Make sure the flat on the end of the taper is lined up so that the taper seats fully
    • Tap up on the chuck to firmly seat. Be gently but firm. If you must use force, use a soft mallet or rubber deadblow. Typically this happens without tools, so if it's not staying, it might be a dirty taper or you don't have it oriented correctly.
    • If you don't see the chuck, check around the lathe, as they both have a Morse taper and sometimes get interchanged.

Maintenance Info

Check oil every 3 months


If the belt slips, make sure machine has come to a complete stop, the machine is fully off, not just the direction toggle switch. Before attempting to put the belt back on.



Fix tensioner

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