Jet Drum Sander

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Jet Drum Sander
Name Sandy McDrumDrum
Zone Wood Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Jet 16-32 Plus
Part Number S/N 150915533
Date Acquired 2016-03-05
Storage Location On a roll around cart in Woodshop
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $900

Documentation * Owners Manual
Other References


  • This machine is for use to sand unfinished wood only, No plywood, plastics or composites with all glue cleaned off the surface No paint or finishes of any kind.


  • Authorization is required to use this machine
  • Read and understand the entire machine manual before operating, this is required prior to authorization for use of this machine
  • Use of dust collector is required when using this machine.
  • Eye Safety is required to operate this machineAlways wear approved safety glasses
  • Personal Protection Remove ties rings and other jewelry, roll sleeves above the elbows, Remove all loose clothing, confine long hair
  • Ear Protection Wear ear protection during extended use
  • Maintenance Keep abrasives clean and know how to change the abrasive paper.


  • Material Maximum thickness 3 inches, Minimum thickness 1/32 with carrier
  • Inspect sanding drum to assure abrasive strip is correctly installed and the grit is adequate and in good shape clean with rubber cleaning stick if clogged.
  • Start Dust Collection System Connect Flex hose from North wall, open 4 inch blast gate and Start dust collector.
  • Set depth of cut A good rule of thumb when sanding is to lower the drum so it contacts the workpiece but drum can still be rotated by hand. NOTE: The use of a carrier or backer board, is recommended for cuts 1/16” or less.
  • Start Conveyor and select feed rate this is a complex process and can be read in detail on the manual
  • Start Drum Drum runs at a fixed speed and the switch is on the front of the conveyor control box.
  • Feed StockWhen abrasive planing (or thickness sanding) a run of similar pieces that you want to have the same thickness, it is best to determine the thickness of the thinnest piece and process all pieces to that same thickness in one session. Be aware that the sander will remove cups and crowns in the workpiece; consider this when measuring and processing stock to the same thickness.
  • Check abrasive belt tension and retighten if needed

Instructional Videos

  • General Info Video

  • Tips on using the Sander video

  • Changing Abrasive Belts (the machine shown is Super Max, similar to ours} just a little longer, same attachment

Maintenance Info

Proper attachment of the abrasive strip to the drum is critical to achieving top performance from your drum sander. Abrasive strips do not have to be pre-measured. The end of the roll is first tapered and attached to the left (outboard) side of the drum. Then the strip is wrapped around the drum, and the second taper is made for attachment to the right (inboard) side of the drum

  • All abrasive strips will stretch in use and may stretch enough to allow the take-up lever to reach its lowest position so that it cannot maintain tension on the strip. If this occurs, follow the procedures to re-set the take- up lever..
  • 1. Squeeze the fastener lever (Figure 11) on the outboard end of drum, and insert the tapered end of the abrasive so that it uses most of the width of the slot. Release the fastener lever to securely hold the strip end to the fastener.
  • 2. Begin wrapping the strip around the drum. The tapered edge of the strip end should follow the edge of the drum.
  • 3. Continue to wrap the abrasive in a spiral fashion by rotating the drum with one hand and guiding the strip with the other . Successive windings of the strip should be flush with previous windings without any overlap.
  • 4. You can use your fingers to work the infeed take-up fastener, but it will be more convenient to use the TUFTool supplied with your sander. Hold the TUFTool with the red end pointing away from you and insert its hook into the outside hole of the fastener lever
  • 5. Lift the lever with the TUFTool, pulling the lever up until it touches the inside of the drum.
  • 6. Turn the TUFTool counterclockwise and lower it onto the abrasive strip, making sure it is holding the paper tight
  • 7. Insert the tapered end of the abrasive strip into the slot and fastener. It may be necessary to trim the tapered end of the abrasive strip so that it does not “bottom out” against the inside of the drum.
  • 8. Hold the abrasive in place with your left hand, lift up the TUFTool and turn it clockwise while maintaining upward pressure. Slowly move the TUFTool away from you slightly, then down, while easing it out of the hole. This releases the lever in its proper position
  • New and used but good abrasive rolls are stored in the drawers under the machine, please try and use the used rolls first, if they are no good or clogged, discard and use new.



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Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Greg Smith 2016/03/05
Augie Engelhart 2017/08/15
Steve Nowicki 2016/03/05
Katlyn Mehne 2019/09/15
Tim Clayson 2020/02/28
Frank Aloia 2022/11/22
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Steve Nowicki Greg Smith 2016/03/05
Evan Allen Augie Engelhart 2018/01/10
Andrew Hayden Steve Nowicki 2018/04/02
Thomas Tufts Steve Nowicki 2018/4/02
Bryan Williams Thomas Tusano 2019-03-02
Avery Sturzl Thomas Tusano 2019-04-29
Terry Weymouth Thomas Tusano 2019-05-05
Kevin Bastyr Thomas Tusano 2019-06-28
Kevin Fanning Thomas Tusano 30oct2019
Michael Bereczky Thomas Tusano 2020-01-26
Tim Clayson Thomas Tusano 2020/02/04
Tobias Schleich Thomas Tusano 2020/02/04
Thomas Mackwy THomas Tusano 2020/01/26
Lisa Gardner Tim Clayson 2020/10/13
Zach Sutton Rick Cortright 2021/03/02
Isaac Jackel Rick Cortright 2021/07/22
Paul Askins Tim Clayson 2021/07/31
Joe Smeltzer Tim Clayson 2021/09/22
Jennifer Miller Tim Clayson 2021/09/22
Ryan Smith Tim Clayson 2021/11/03
Con Vuong Tim Clayson 2022/1/12
Katlyn Mehne Tim Clayson 2022/2/15
Patrick Guyon Tim Clayson 2022/5/4
Nick LaRocca Tim Clayson 2022/04/15
John Kollman Tim Clayson 2022/05/20
Alex Taylor Tim Clayson 2022/08/10
Darwin Smith Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Frank Aloia Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Evan Greene Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Gary Grzebienik Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
William Cunningham Tim Clayson 2022/11/13
Freddy Neumann Tim Clayson 2022/11/13
Sean Kelly Frank Aloia 2022/11/23
Drake Shackelford Frank Aloia 02/02/23
Jayson Brown Frank Aloia 02/02/23
Blake Icabone Frank Aloia 02/08/23
Tim Wainz Tim Clayson 2023/05/01
Athar Bakth Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Adam Williams Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Lou Wilson Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Steven Maas Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Furqan Memon Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Kristina Schmidt Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Mark Welty Frank Aloia 2023/07/10
Faizan Shaik Frank Aloia 2023/12/07
Emerson Craven Frank Aloia 2023/12/07
Lauren Yellen Frank Aloia 2023/12/07
Megan Greenwood Frank Aloia 2023/12/16
Brian Bezanson Frank Aloia 03/14/2024
Brenda Spalding Frank Aloia 03/14/2024
Theodore Clem Frank Aloia 03/14/2024
Jack Bowman Frank Aloia 03/14/2024
Isaiah Boyce Frank Aloia 04/2/2024
David Smith Frank Aloia 04/2/2024
Thomas Burns Frank Aloia 04/24/2024
Matteus Huvaere Frank Aloia 05/01/2024
Petur Gislason Frank Aloia 05/01/2024
Michael Kmiec Frank Aloia 05/01/2024

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