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Project lead: Amelia Meyer

Contributing: Benjamin Fedorka, Evan Allen

This project is to aid users of the Electronics Room in finding parts in the massive wall of parts drawers.

Code and board files live at the i3Detroit Github page.


  • Two-axis gimbal with camera to scan wall of parts and locate each drawer
  • Laser on gimbal to point out drawers to user
  • Some form of simple local HMI so as not to require the user to have web access
  • WebGUI so as not to require user to use shitty local HMI
  • Tie-in to ecDB or PartKeepr for backend inventory and drawer label generation.
  • Tie-in to Zebra label printer for label creation.



  • Write IO code, BeagleBone target.
  • Trigger camera, software
    • Pylon 3.2.2 from Basler
    • C++ only, need to get images from it to PIL.tostring() (for zbar) and to opencv.image (for laser calibration)
  • Inventory integration, including customization of the inventory system to generate labels
  • WebGUI, maybe part of above?
  • System integration
  • Tracking
  • Local HMI


  • Custom cape for IO, HMI, and power


  • Construction or sourcing of gimbal
  • Mounting of gimbal and HMI
  • Labeling all the drawers

Data Entry

  • Creating inventory of entire parts wall


  • Camera code for QR parsing and location
  • Some tracking code and IO
  • Code-search panning code
  • Gimbal design
  • Basler acA750-30gm sourced as camera compatible with C-mount lenses we want to use and BeagleBone data ports


  • Automatic email generation as parts run out?