Monarch Series 50 Model 16 Lathe

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Monarch Series 50 Model 16 Lathe
Monarch Series 50 Model 16 Lathe.JPG
Name Monarch Series 50 Model 16 Lathe
Zone Machine Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Series 50
Part Number Model 1610 x 54
Date Acquired 2021-03-08
Storage Location North of B-side bay
Authorization Required No
Status Down
Value $9,500

Power Requirements 240VAC 3ph 40A
Documentation Series 50 Operators Manual
Other References Bardac Drives Basic Start Manual

Sprint Electric SLX Series Three Phase 4Q Controller Manual International Machine Controls, Inc. Contact Card


This is a 16x54 (16" swing, 54" length) Monarch Series 50 lathe, with the (maybe) original DC spindle drive.

The machine was built in March 1969 as serial number 49916, and sold to the N.A. Woodworth Company (formerly at 1300 East Nine Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48220) on 1969-03-14 (Pi day!). It is likely one of only a couple hundred ever built.

In 2005, a Spirit Electric / Bardac Drives SLX15/27 replacement DC drive was selected for the machine, but never installed. (2005-03-01)



Maintenance Info



  • Mobil Vactra Oil Heavy Medium
  • 2 gallons
  • Drain, flush (with kerosene), and refill every six months


  • Sunoco Way Lubricant #80
  • 3 pints
  • Drain, flush (with kerosene), and refill every six months


  • Mobil Vactra Oil Heavy Medium
  • 2 quarts
  • Drain, flush (with kerosene), and refill every six months


  • General Electric Grease #D6A2C5
  • Grease every 12 months if motor has grease fittings

Taper Attachment

  • Sunoco Way Lubricant #80
  • Oil every four hours and before use


  • Sunoco Way Lubricant #80
  • Oil reservoir and barrel daily when in use



  • Free up remaining levers
  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces
    • Dismantle gearboxes?
    • Evaporust!
    • Relubricate
  • Flush all gearboxes with kerosene per manual, then refill
  • Order replacement parts\
    • 34966 potentiometer
    • 1222-4
    • 34967 16t bevel gear
    • 35363 spring
    • 1015-5 ball bearing
    • 23900 disconnect switch (handle?)
  • Pin crossfeed handle
  • Make cover for belt tensioner
  • Get/make new handle for disconnect
  • Replace power indicator lamp
  • Test all oiling tubes (after new pot)
  • Clean under threading gearbox cover
  • Exercise the power feed gear selector mechanism
  • Un-sieze, clean, lube micrometer on carriage stop
  • Clean out chip tray
  • Clean/test cutting fluid pump
  • Attach splash guard (make it work)
  • Make a better freeze plug
  • Move to target location
  • Level lathe
  • Re-grease bearings for gearbox (left side)
  • Replace 60A fuses with 40s
  • Figure out authorization/training procedure
  • Connect the ground wire in cabinet
  • Screw down SCRs
  • Get:
    • Work lamp
    • Change gear for metric threading
    • 4 Jaw chuck
    • Collet chuck

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