Acer 1440G Lathe

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Acer 1440G Lathe
Name Acer 1440G Lathe
Zone Machine Shop

Owner Nate Bezanson, TJ Cook, Brian Wennberg, Aaron D
Make Model Acer 1440G Lathe
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location Machine shop.
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $2500

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A lathe is a machine that turns the material while the tool stays still. A lathe can be considered to be Turning Complete, as defined by Alan Turning. This lathe is for metal and plastic only. NO WOOD. (Go to the wood lathe for that)

Ownership Details: 90%Nate B, 4% Trevor C, 4% Brian W, 2% Aaron D


Certification is Required.

All authorized Users must become a Trainer within 6 months of their authorization or their authorization will expire.

All Trainers are required to give 1 User Training class within 12 months of the Trainer Certification, and 1 each 12 months thereafter or they will lose authorization to use the tool.

Shop Tips for Lathe

Tubalcain videos. Here’s an index of all the ‘shop tips’ videos.



Maintenance Info



Good source information for bit usage and types


Center Tailstock

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
John Podlaseck 2018/01/17
Jody Raiford 2018/01/17
Matt Lewis 2018/01/17
David Henry 2018/01/17
Kevin Fanning 2020/01/23
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Amelia Meyer Terry Wynn 2016/01/20
Matt Gardeski Terry Wynn 2016/01/20
David Henry Terry Wynn 2016/01/20
Keegan K ** Terry Wynn 2016/01/20
Matt Patrick ** Brandon Biller 2016/05/12
Matt Carpenter Brandon Biller 2016/05/12
Tom Kim ** Brandon Biller 2016/05/17
Tom Nardone David Henry 2018/04/16
Glen Moore ** Brandon Biller 2016/05/11
Evan Allen Brandon Biller 2016/03/21
Jim Kemp Brandon Biller 2016/03/21
John Podlaseck Brandon Biller 2016/05/11
Scott Scheraga Matt Gardeski 2016/06/27
James Freed Matt Gardeski 2016/06/27
Tony Slover Brandon Biller 8/16/16
Matt Lewis Matt Gardeski 9/29/17
Robert Sandfield Matt Gardeski 11/05/17
Drew Jackson John Podlaseck 2018/01/17
Anthony Romano John Podlaseck 2018/01/17
Jon Williams John Podlaseck 2018/02/08
Augie Engelhart John Podlaseck 2018/02/08
Darrick Robinson John Podlaseck 2018/02/08
Rick Bovensiep Matt Lewis 2018/02/08
Gary Grzebienik John Podlaseck 2018/01/17
Andy Lenhart John Podlaseck 2018/02/08
Julien Cohen Jody Raiford 2018/02/21
Brad Tarratt Jody Raiford 2018/02/16
Frank La Marca Jody Raiford 2018/04/17
Matthew From Jody Raiford 2018/11/13
Mark Furland David Henry 2019-01-27
@sri Jody Raiford 2019-05-01
Nate Bezanson Jody Raiford 2019-05-01
Kevin Bastyr Jody Raiford 2019-06-25
Kevin Bingham Jody Raiford 2019-06-25
David Hyland Jody Raiford 2019-06-25
Kevin Fanning Jody Raiford 30oct2019
Tim Wainz Jody Raiford 2019/12/01
Ramin Mirshab Jody Raiford 2019/12/13
Thomas Mackey Jody Raiford 2020-02-13
Patrick Guyon Kevin Fanning 2020-06-05
Isaac Jackel Que Fanning 2021-07-06
Isaac Contreras Brandon Biller 2021-12-04
Grayson Browne Evan Allen 2022-03-19
Freddy Neumann Jody Raiford 2022/06/30
Dave Hurt Jody Raiford 2022/11/8
Jeremy Glogower Jody Raiford 2023/01/08

Acer 1440G Lathe Nate Bezanson, TJ Cook, Brian Wennberg, Aaron D Zone: Machine Shop "/>

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