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 This page is being assimilated, please see 

HOWTO Events and Classes

This page is a guide for those awesome members who want to take on the extra responsibility of becoming versed in our event system and sharing their knowledge. It is a work in progress and will develop as the Howto Host an Event Page develops.

Form Email

  • the below email has 99.5% of all the questions that need to be asked
Hi $Human,

Thanks for letting me know that  you would like to host a class. First, I need some basic information from you.

The easy things that I need to know are:
How long:
How many people:
Cost per person:

Next we need to work together to create a blog post to spread the word about your class. 

And finally I will create an Eventbrite and blog post for you based upon this information.



Eventbrite uses images as a criteria for ranking events in search. Use of an image helps to get the event found and for more people to show up. For the best possible event image, make sure your image file meets the following requirements:

• Dimensions: Find at least a 1050 x 525px (2:1 ratio) image. A 2:1 ratio image is twice as wide as it is tall (or close to that ratio).

• File Type: Images with file types JPEG, BMP, PNG, or GIF work best.

• File Size: Use an image that's no larger than 10MB.

Post the event on our calendar


Eventbrite Widget

This is a little piece of code that allows someone viewing our website to see ticket prices, how many tickets are left, and different ticket types (if they are available). A version of the widget that has been optimized for our website has been included below. To use it, copy and paste the code below into the text portion of your blog post remembering to replace [Your-Event-ID-Here] with the event id that Eventbrite generated for your event. As a nicety to the website please also include a <!--more--> tag before the widget. Including the tag will prevent clutter on our front page and improve load times.

<div style="width: 100%; text-align: left;">
<iframe src="//eventbrite.com/tickets-external?eid=[Your-Event-ID-Here]&ref=etckt" width="100%" height="306" frameborder="0" marginwidth="5" marginheight="5" scrolling="no"></iframe>
<div style="font-family: Helvetica, Arial; font-size: 10px; padding: 5px 0 5px; margin: 2px; width: 100%; text-align: left;"></div>

EB Post Template

Keeping a consistant format for our posts helps people to quickly parse data! It also makes us look professional (ha!). Please stick to this template as much as possible when using the i3 Eventbrite.


Class Goals:

Students will:

Students must be at least 18 years old or be accompanied by a leagal gaurdian who is also registered.
[List any other prerequisites here]

What to Bring:
Hair ties for long hair, closed-toed shoes, short-sleeve shirt. All other materials needed for class will be provided.

[Tell people how awesome you are here!]

Event Time:
Tuesday, June 11th, 5:30PM until 9:00PM

REFUNDS: We offer full refunds for any class cancellations more than one week in advance of the class start date.


  • pictures are good
  • Eventbrite and our blog have funky requirements
  • TODO figure out what the actual requirements are so things don't look like shit