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Zone Information
Sewing awning.jpg
Zone Name Sewing Zone
Status Active
Zone Slogan We're so punny, we'll have you in stitches
Zone Coordinator(s) Jan Henry
Zone Slack #sewing
Zone E-mail

Zone Color PowderBlue
Paypal Button Pay money to Sewing Zone

Table of Equipment

Equipment Authorization Owner(s) Status
Husqvarna Designer 1 Sewing Machine Yes i3Detroit (after Paul is paid) Running
Fabric cutting table/mat Yes i3Detroit Running
Mini vacuum with micro attachments No i3Detroit Running
Hot Steam gravity fed iron Yes i3Detroit Running
Embroidery Machine - Husqvarna Designer SE Yes i3Detroit Running
Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Emerald 116 No i3Detroit Running
Juki DDL-5550N-7 Industrial Sewing Machine Yes David Henry Running
Kenmore 1503 Sewing Machine (Willow) No i3Detroit Running
Male mannequin (Leonardo Decapitated) No David Henry Running
Rowenta Sewing Iron No i3Detroit Running
Singer "Ultralock" Serger 14U34 No TJ Cook Running
Singer 1507 No Unknown Running
TailorsClapper No i3Detroit Running
Fabric Cutting Mat 5x10' and table No i3Detroit Down
Babylock Evolve Serger Yes i3Detroit after Jan is paid Down
Brother cs6000i sewing machine No i3Detroit Down
Embroidery Machine - Husqvarna Diamond Deluxe Yes i3Detroit Down
Kenmore Dyemaster 2000 No i3Detroit Down
Scotsew Industrial Sewing Machine Yes i3 Detroit Down
SewingTableWithPowerLift No i3 Detroit Down
Singer 758 Sewing Machine No i3Detroit Down
Singer 660 A202 Industrial Sewing Machine Yes i3Detroit Down
Tacsew T175 Blindstitch Machine No i3Detroit Down
Kenmore Model 54 Sewing Machine (Violet) No owe A'Lisa payment Down


A place for i3Detroit members, at all levels of sewing ability. Open to space members and the greater community. The zone will have scheduled events and classes, etc. The point is to share information, expertise and encourage project creation and completion by having a place to make it possible.

Training and Authorization programs

  • Embroidery
  • Serging
  • Sewing machine 101
  • Industrial sewing

Classes and Events

  • Fabric Scrap n Swap
  • Dyeing fabric
  • Tutu workshop
  • Once Upon A Tuffet workshop
  • Field trips to fabric store
  • Sari, Not Sari 5-way wrap skirt workshop
  • Globe Hugger globe pillow workshop for Earth day
  • Machine Shop day
  • Tour the costume depts of Greenfield Village, Detroit Opera House, The Parade Company
  • Those Darn Buttonholes
  • Repair Shop (bring all your mending!)
  • UFO day (bring an unfinished project)
  • Body Doubles personal mannequin workshop
  • Crinoline Cage workshop
  • Corset support group (open sew, share what you know)
  • Laser cutting fabric


Primary Contact: User:Jan.m.henry.3

Sewing topics to explore

Costumes, naturally. Get help if you need it or contribute what you know to help others create fabulous costumes.

Make fabric! Er, make embellished fabric. Designer embellished fabrics can run in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per yard. (for real) We can take two plainer fabrics, laser cut a layer, and bond them together to make one embellished panel. This can be a possible class. Take it further by beading it. I (Jan Henry) am looking into beading tools (after watching videos of a costume department) and flocking tools.

Fabric design! You can create an account on Spoonflower and create your own fabric design. There are graphic design programs you can use, and a design meetup day can cover what to do and how to do it. As the creator of your design, you get a little discount on your fabric purchase. If you make your design public, others can buy it and you get points you can collect and redeem for your fabric purchases. See resource links below for the site link.

Make a body form! Dress form or also torso for men. Everyone is invited! The method most commonly used, per YouTube tutorials, is the duct tape form. A partner tapes your bodice/torso in circular and diagonal patterns until you have a shape, then you're cut out and you use one of several methods to fill it. However, these have a questionable lasting power so there are other, possibly better methods. In our workshop we may use casting to make a mold, then mix up a foam form using the mold. See resource links for the tutorial to read up on it!

Have a serger day. Demo of i3's sergers, and bring your own. They're great for knits, but there's so much more you can do with them. You can create a Katwise-inspired sweater coat, you can do decorative stitching, etc.

The Husqvarna Viking embroidery machines offer us the ability to customize apparel and other projects. A goal is to get more members comfortable with their use.

Sewing goes beyond daily apparel and costumes. You can make small furniture! Such as a tuffet.

Sewing 101 class: Instruction covered may include store visit to purchase appropriate fabric, pattern size choice, project items and return to the space to cut and sew, with helpful tips along the way.

Pattern library? Commonly used, easy fit patterns like cloaks. There is already one on the shelf in the craft room.

Is there interest in bringing outside, paid instructors to the space? We would be using the classroom. Per inquiry with one instructor already, 8ft table per student is the room requirement. This would be for specific, detailed topics and for instructors that need a place to teach.

Action Items

  • Sew machine covers for Evolve, Singer industrial, Juki, Singer domestic, Singer serger
  • Tuffet class. Jan Henry to make class description and whenisgood, and schedule.
  • Serger practice. The Henrys plan to figure out its use and schedule lessons and authorization.
  • Work with floor planning committee to set a plan for space
  • Acquire rack shelving for storage above work stations
  • Acquire acrylic and make machine table extension/surrounds for main machines at workstation
  • Acquire 5X10' cutting mat and build a table w/storage underneath and permanent bolt holder (mat acquired 6/21/21)
  • Acquire/build desks and storage underneath for machine tools and accessories
  • Build walls, ceiling
  • Acquire AC unit, flooring tiles
  • Acquire double (French?) doors (refurb?)
  • Build ironing table
  • Acquire tri-fold mirror and corner curtain
  • Make blue/white awning for zone doorway

Shopping List


  • [1] - really great fabric store with helpful staff, classes
  • [2] - many choices at various price points
  • [3] - SouthStar Supply, a source for professional-grade sewing and patternmaking equipment
  • [4] - a source of silks
  • [5] - wide variety of competitively-priced fabric
  • [6] - outdoor and activewear/sportswear fabrics

Pattern Library

  • Simplicity 8286 6-14/32-40 knit and woven jumpsuit and leotard
  • McCall's M6420 S-XL cape and renaissance gown
  • Simplicity 8192 10-14/36-40 renaissance gown
  • Simplicity 5582 12-20/38-46 renaissance costume
  • Butterick 6197 16W-20W historical costume
  • Simplicity 9454 14-20/40-46 fairy costumes
  • Simplicity 8399 10-14/36-40 "Titanic" costumes
  • McCall's 4111 20 80's dress, top, skirt
  • Simplicity 1517 14-22/40-48 "Downton Abbey" costumes
  • Simplicity 5726 14-20/40-46 historical corset, chemise, petticoat
  • Simplicity 7157 6-12/32-38 Edwardian inspired undergarments
  • Vogue Elements 9810 xs-xl dress/chemise
  • McCall's 7004 S-XL pet costumes steampunk
  • Simplicity 7436 12-16/38-42 2pc 90s dress
  • Simplicity 8276 S-L animal jumpsuits

Brindille & Twig preemie to 5-6T baby leggings

Books Available

  • Claire Schaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide

Online Resources

  • [7] - our Facebook group for the SIG
  • [8] - Spoonflower fabric design site
  • [9] - member-designed i3 fabric for purchase
  • [10] - body form tutorial using casting material and foam
  • [11] - Sewist, a free online pattern-drafting parametric CAD program