HOWTO Hoop a Piece of Fabric for the Husqvarna Designer SE

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This page is for reference only. The Husqvarna requires training and authorization.

This mini tutorial describes how to hoop a small, flat piece of fabric for use with the Husqvarna Designer SE. Your fabric should already have stabilizer attached to the underside; in this case, you can see the basting lines where stabilizer has been attached to the wrong side of the fabric.

Find your hoop in the second drawer of the storage fixture under the Husqvarna.

A. Set your fabric on a work surface, fabric side up.

HusqvarnaDesignerSE HoopFabric 1A.jpg

B. With the golden arrow visible and at the bottom, set the inner part of the hoop on the fabric.

HusqvarnaDesignerSE HoopFabric 1B.jpg

C. With the golden arrow visible at the bottom, slip the outer hoop underneath.

HusqvarnaDesignerSE HoopFabric 1C.jpg

D. Firmly push the inner hoop into the outer. Tighten the thumbscrew. The fabric should be fairly taut, but doesn't need to be perfectly smooth.

HusqvarnaDesignerSE HoopFabric 1D.jpg