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We have begun an initiative to simplify the management of i3's space and infrastructure. The first step is bringing as much of the shut down procedure into a single button as possible. As it evolves things like networked thermostats that behave how we want, building out the new half of the space without having to wire lightswitches everywhere, putting the EV charger on the network for logging, and implementing SpaceAPI or SpaceDirectory all become possible (maybe even a version of RFID entry system). This page is made up of content moved from the #home-automation channel in slack.

IoT kiosk screen w/ partial shutdown list

Firmware explanation

Most of the devices we have installed run a version of Tasmota that has been either had the settings tweaked before uploading or had a pin map added to the available options. Remember to bounce the power between flashing over serial and the first OTA attempt. Some of them are our own code creation using a template written by Mark Furland and mimic the MQTT format of the Tasmota devices for consistency. The repository is here: [1]

List of Equipment

to get the IP address of each device, run this command

sudo nmap -sP | grep -v "Host" | tail -n +3 | tr '\n' ' ' | sed 's|Nmap|\nNmap|g' | grep "MAC Address" | perl -pe 's/.*report for (?:([^ ]*) \()?((?:[0-9]{1,3}\.?){4})\)? MAC Address: ([A-Z0-9:]*).*/$1 $2 $3/'

Has individual page

Equipment IP MAC Hostname Authorization Owner(s) Status
Atmosphere sensors,, 68:C6:3A:D6:3A:92, 68:C6:3A:D6:3D:9A, B4:E6:2D:3B:18:78 commons-ground-sensor-cluster, commons-ceiling-sensor-cluster, fablab-sensor-cluster No i3Detroit Usable but repair needed
16 segment mqtt display 18:FE:34:99:B0:49 16-segment-display No i3Detroit Running
433 RF bridge 60:01:94:8F:34:3D infrastructure-433-rf-reciever No i3Detroit Running
Air Compressor, 2C:3A:E8:1D:2B:50, 5c:cf:7f:bd:72:ae air-compressor.i3detroit.local, infrastructure-compressor-valve No i3Detroit Running
Air compressor request buttons,, ec:fa:bc:0e:ab:d4, 2c:3a:e8:32:8c:d6, ec:fa:bc:0e:ab:8a air-compressor-request-ID.i3detroit.local No i3Detroit Running
CNC light 5C:CF:7F:42:91:92 cnc-light No i3Detroit Running
CNC vent 2C:3A:E8:08:03:AF cnc-vent No i3Detroit Running
Chandeliers, 5C:CF:7F:1B:D4:60, 5C:CF:7F:1C:37:3E accent-chandelier-ID No Mike Fink Running
Classroom sign 5C:CF:7F:B4:DA:79 classroom-sign No i3Detroit Running
Commons Ceiling Fans 60:01:94:86:C8:3D commons/east-ceiling-fans-2109 No i3Detroit Running
Commons Light Switches, 18:FE:34:FA:3E:1F, 5C:CF:7F:FA:46:A8 commons-light-switches No i3Detroit Running
Disco Ball 2C:3A:E8:07:AC:86 discoBall-3206 No i3Detroit Running
Disco Spotlights 5c:cf:7f:bb:06:c2 commons-accent-disco-spotlights No i3Detroit Running
Disco Button 5C:CF:7F:FA:42:D6 disco-button No i3Detroit Running
Fab Lab Vent Button 18:fe:34:d2:33:85 fablab-control-buttons No i3Detroit Running
Fab Lab Vent Fan 5C:CF:7F:1B:CF:DC fablab-vent No i3Detroit Running
Fablab Chiller 5C:CF:7F:92:2C:CB fablab-chiller No i3Detroit Running
Glass door 5C:CF:7F:04:E3:DD glass-door-reporter No i3Detroit Running
IoT Kiosk No i3Detroit Running
LED Matrix Display 5C:CF:7F:0C:28:C8 led-matrix-controller No i3Detroit Running
Large bathroom fan 60:01:94:86:C9:FC large bathroom vent fan No i3Detroit Running
Large bathroom light 60:01:94:86:BD:3D large bathroom light No i3Detroit Running
Large bathroom motion sensor EC:FA:BC:0E:B6:D1 large-bathroom-motion-sensor No i3Detroit Running
Laser Zone Ceiling Fan 60:01:94:86:BB:C0 ceilingFan-7104 No i3Detroit Running
Laser Zone Vent Fan 5C:CF:7F:1C:42:64 laser-zone-vent-fan No i3Detroit Running
Lights See many many No i3Detroit Running
Machine Shop Motion Sensor 5C:CF:7F:84:AE:34 machine-shop-motion-sensor.i3detroit.local No i3Detroit Running
Machine Shop Ceiling Fan 2C:3A:E8:07:B2:B6 machine-shop-ceiling-fan No i3Detroit Running
Machine Shop Light Switches, 2C:3A:E8:1D:2A:26, 2C:3A:E8:1D:2B:3A machine-shop-switches-west.i3detroit.local, machine-shop-switches-south.i3detroit.local No i3Detroit Running
Media Lab Lights 60:01:94:86:7C:5B media-lab-lights.i3detroit.local No i3Detroit Running
Middle east light switches, 2C:3A:E8:1D:2A:32, 5C:CF:7F:FA:43:27 middle-east-light-switches-south, middle-east-light-switches-north No i3Detroit Running
Office Thermostat 5C:CF:7F:63:3C:24 office-thermostat No i3Detroit Running
OpenEVSE 2C:3A:E8:35:D9:7C ESP_35D97C No i3Detroit Running
Paint Box 5C:CF:7F:BD:86:A1 commons-paint-box No i3Detroit Running
Small bathroom motion sensor EC:FA:BC:0E:A7:58 small-bathroom-motion-sensor No i3Detroit Running
South vent 5C:CF:7F:42:93:CF commons-south-vent No i3Detroit Running
Traffic Light 18:FE:34:FA:3C:8E commons-traffic-light No i3Detroit Running
Water Cooler - MOJO Denali ec:fa:bc:0e:af:c2 water-cooler-flow-meter No i3Detroit Running
Weld Zone Light Button 18:FE:34:98:61:6B weld-light-button.i3detroit.local No i3Detroit Running
Mcclellan 08:00:27:7e:08:1e mcclellan Yes i3Detroit Running

Needs page written

  • laser cutters (POW)
  • bumblebee status lights
  • bumblebee timer
  • bumblebee chiller
  • wolverine status lights
  • wolverine timer
  • wolverine chiller
  • laser blast gate monitor
  • front door funnel
  • hallway light switches,
  • large bathroom vent fan
  • weld zone tank sensors
  • small bathroom light switch

Add Equipment Link

Equipment Page Form

MQTT Hierarchy

The hierarchy of our MQTT layout is mostly physical by design. It should be possible to publish/subscribe to more and more general sections of messages if you want to monitor different areas or control them. The <type> section came from Tasmota, previously we had wanted to put that at the end instead of the beginning which may have some MQTT benefits.

Right now the hierarchy we aspire to is:

  • <infoType> can be "cmnd", "tele", or "stat".
  • <location> is just "i3" for now but could encompass remote locations like people's houses or other hackerspaces.
  • <course-zone> is the coarse delineation of location, outside, inside, openhab
  • <zone> is the fine delineation of location, and could refer to areas that are physically important but not a zone as defined by i3's structure.
  • <item> is the name of one device that is being controlled, this should not be the same across two different pieces of hardware to avoid collisions.
  • <itemType> is type of item, like lights
  • <itemSubType> is the subtype of a type, like for lighs, emergency-lights, or for fans, ceiling-fans.
  • <modifier> is the command given, or the status being reported (examples include POWER, STATE, RESULT, display, delay).

MQTT Debugging Notes

  • To view the MQTT log, use mosquitto_sub -v -t "#" on Mcclellan or mosquitto_sub -h -v -t '#' remotely.
    • The lines of form "tele/i3/inside/lights/015/STATE {"Time":...." are regular status pulls against the MQTT members, not command records.
  • MQTT log with timestamps: mosquitto_sub -v -t '#' | xargs -d$'\n' -L1 bash -c 'date "+%Y-%m-%d %T.%3N $0"'

Automation Software


Main Page:HomeAssistant

Home Assistant is a home automation hub for connecting many IoT devices together into one system controlled by a web GUI.

OpenHAB (out of date)

Main Page:OpenHab

We are no longer using OpenHAB, we have moved to HomeAssistant

OpenHab2 is a centralized method to manage multiple IoT devices from a Web GUI.


Please contact Evan Allen or Mark Furland for details on any of these

All issues tracked here: Moving to that in progress

Write up, not hardware

  • clean up wiki articles on all the things

Network in general

  • Expand iot subnet, need to decide on new IP scheme. is current IOT, is current user. 107 is vlan id.
  • Static leases for IoT items so the IP addresses can be filled out in the wiki
  • Configure the router so the map pi can talk to the main network from the iot network


Dash buttons 24-28 are set up but don't have things attached yet.