Water Cooler - MOJO Denali

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Water Cooler - MOJO Denali
Name Water Cooler
Zone Snack Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Denali Bottleless Water Cooler
Part Number
Date Acquired 2016-07
Storage Location Next to the brown fridge
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $400
IP Address
MAC Address ec:fa:bc:0e:af:c2
Hostname water-cooler-flow-meter
Other References


This is a bottleless water cooler and heater with an activated carbon filter.


If you spill a lot of water into the drain tray, please empty it. There is no drain.


Press your container under the water tap and it should dispense water.

The hot water tap has a safety switch which must be pressed in order to dispense hot water.

Maintenance Info

Last filter change: 9/15/17 Last cleaning: 9/15/17

It is suggested the filter be changed once or twice a year, or after filtering 1250 gallons. There is no gauge telling when it needs to be changed. The filter is located behind the lower front panel. To remove the front panel, first remove the drip tray, then press down on the top of the lower front panel and pull forward. Make sure to turn off the water line before disconnecting it from the filter.

The filter is the 1170 water filter aka L5515.

The water line runs from behind the deep sink, over the fab lab door and then behind the microwave and fridges. The water line is attached to the copper pipe with a saddle valve, and flow can be turned off by turning the handle on the saddle valve all the way to the left.


Water doesn't come out.

  • Most likely one of the floats in the cold water tank is stuck.
    1. To fix that, you take the black plastic top off the unit. It has tabs that you can unlatch in the back and then it should lift off. Inside that you'll find the cold water tank.
    2. Go wash your hands before proceeding.
    3. Pry the foam lid off the tank and poke the two floats inside. That should unstick them if they're stuck.
    4. put the tank lid and black plastic piece back on.


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