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Space Automation Project

The Space Automation Project is the umbrella project for all the automated infrastructure projects at i3detroit.

Current head of the Automation working group is Eric.


Job number one is to agree (ha!) on the software that will tie the disparate elements together.

Add you favorite software to this table, or criticize someone else's favorite!
Software Description Pros Cons
Open Scada [1] Open source SCADA Open Source

Mango [2] Open source SCADA Open Source

MisterHouse [3] open source home automation Open Source

Written in Perl

Intended for home automation

Written in Perl

Openhab [4] openHAB is a pure Java solution, fully based on OSGi Must everything in the world be a goddamn web application?

LinuxMCE [5] Targeted toward home automation


Features that we'd like to have in the automation system.

  • Logging of entry into the space
  • Smart control of the heating system
    • temperature logging
    • set thermostats remotely
    • make estimates of the next gas bill
  • Reminders or alarms if the equipment is left on
  • A "Christmas Tree" type display at the front door to alert you if the space is properly shut down.
  • monitor water consumption at the meter
  • detect if the front door is left open, or partially open
  • detect if the garage door is left unlocked
  • record the accumulated running hours of equipment like:
    • the mill
    • the lathe
    • the air compressor
  • detect if the Genie has been plugged in
  • 24/7 monitoring of Brad's TV project
  • Voice reminder upon exiting to clean up your mess.

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