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Current camera locations

If you want to do a camera review, see HOWTO Do a Camera Review.

Rules For Use

Security cameras are governed by i3Detroit's Security Camera policy.


Use of security cameras was approved originally in 2012. The policy was updated in 2015 to be included in the standing rules. The discussion of the 2015 proposal happened largely in Slack, in the archived channel #camera-policy. The standing rules section was modified in early 2016 to replace the 4-person viewing team with the Board of Directors. It was again modified in early 2017 to expand the viewing team to consist of at least one director and either one other director, officer, or zone coordinator.

Camera Locations

List of Current Cameras

Location View (not live)
Classroom Classroomcam.jpg
Craft Room Craftroomcam.jpg
CNC Shop CNCcam.jpg
Commons Area Commonscam.jpg
Commons Area & Snack Zone CommonsNE.jpg
Electronics Lab Elabcam.png
Fab Lab FabLabCam.jpg
A entryway & a garage doors AEntrywayCam.jpg
Front Door Exterior Exteriorcam.jpg
Laser Zone Lasercam.jpg
Machine Shop MachineShopCam1.JPG
Media Lab Medialabcam.jpg
Suite B Rear Doors Westsideoffice.jpg
Welding Zone WeldingCam.jpg
West Shop (Infrastructure, Vinyl, & Media zones Westshopcam.jpg
Wood Shop WoodShopCam.jpg
Autozone Zm 20 autozone.jpg
Sewing (future) SewingCam.jpg
Jewelry Zone JewelryCam.jpg

History of Camera Location Approval

Status Report from Project Lead


  • 18 of 18 approved planned cameras have been installed. See below for technical details.
  • (10/19/17) System is in working order and has been for several months now.
  • (6/9/2018) System still working well, no major issues. 15/18 cameras have 240+ days continuous uptime.

To Do

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Example task do stuff 3

Technical Details of Zoneminder & IP Camera System

  • Zoneminder v1.32.1 running on VMServer
  • 1x 4TB Western Digital Purple Surveilance, 1x 4TB Western Digital Red hard disks installed in the VMServer
  • 18 wired PoE IP cameras
    • 13xHikvision 4.1MP DS-2CD2042WD-I 4mm IP Camera
    • 5xHikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP Indoor 2.8mm IP Camera

Maintenance Scripts


Sometimes the build of ZoneMinder that we're using (1.34.1--old, but historically upgrading has had mixed results, and nothing's currently broken...) has a bug where the process that writes the diskspace used per event to the database breaks, leaving NULL in place of the real value. This is problematic as summing the diskspace used by all events then returns the wrong total, which breaks some things. It's normal to have some events showing NULL diskspace since the process doesn't run constantly, so this script runs as a cron job once an hour which is often enough to fix things before there are any problems. It seems to be triggered on average once a day.


# Checks if the update disk use filter in ZoneMinder has broken and if so kills it
# Query how many events have NULL disk use. The filter should run once per minute
# so depending on activity level, the query should return values in the range of 5-50
# If the value is too large, search for the filter's PID and kill it.

NULLCOUNT=$(mysql --user=username --password=password --database=zm -s -N -e "select count(*) from Events where DiskSpace is NULL")
echo $(date)"   Null events count: "$NULLCOUNT
if [[ "$NULLCOUNT" -gt 200 ]]
    echo "Killing filter"
    kill $(ps aux | grep '[/]usr/bin/perl -wT /usr/bin/ --filter_id=14 --daemon' | awk '{print $2}')