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The CRM is i3Detroit membership directory. You can find names and emails for members, check dues status, pay your dues, assign and retrieve mentorship information etc. It runs SeltzerCRM software

Our instance can be found at

Issue tracker for the i3 instance of selter:

If you are having problems logging in, or if you've never logged in before, first try the "reset password" function. If that doesn't work, post for help on the i3 Google Group or ask in Slack.

Please keep your emergency contact info up-to-date, and make sure the person you've listed there knows that you've listed them as your emergency contact, in case we ever have to call them.

List of requested upgrades from the treasurer (primary user of the CRM): Membership Database App Upgrade

Data dump to be organized

(I'm just going to kind of "blah blah" in this section. Once there's enough stable info to justify organizing, we can do so)

Currently (9/9/2022), we have two front ends running concurrently.

  • Seltzer (link)
    • Built with PHP in 2009
    • Used in some way by several spaces around the world
    • Independent GitHub maintained by the community
    • This is what you see when you go to currently.
    • Built to be modular, but being PHP and a bit dated, difficult for modern users to update.
    • Uses the (PAID, yearly fee) FoxyCart system to connect with Amazon and PayPal for payments (each payment with per fee)
  • mAkePI (GitHub Repo)
    • An effort by current i3 members to make a new CRM with modern language/tools
    • Modularity provided by API
    • The API is built on Node and will be in Typescript (hopefully) soon
    • Uses Stripe integration for payments (Free but with per transaction fee)

Both systems currently access the same database of records

  • DB is in format ???????? (Can someone explain this in appropriate techspeak?)

The system may or may not be connected to the Doors in the future, but currently it is separate

  • (Do we have info on the door systems somewhere?)

The database is supposed to be the Single Source of Truth for:

  • Member contact info
    • Email
    • Contact phone number
    • Emergency contact info
  • Members organization info
    • UID
    • Link to member's signed waiver
    • Key

The CRM, in whatever form, is used for the following tasks

  • Treasurer Team tasks
    • Keeping track of
      • if a member is up-to-date on dues
      • how long a member has been a member
      • info on individual payments
    • other...?
  • Membership Coordinator Team tasks
    • Setting membership plan for new and changing members
    • Recording keys given out, and the associated PIN numbers (appropriate security measures)
    • other...?
  • Secretary tasks
    • Figuring out who is a current member for sending out notifications, especially vote ballots
    • other...?
  • Member tasks
    • Entering their own info
    • Checking other member's info to contact, especially for emergency contact info
    • Setting up their dues payments
    • Keeping track of their upcoming payments
    • Canceling payments when necessary
    • (Maybe??) Reserving storage? (looks like someone tried to set this up as a CRM function, no idea if it works, or how?)?

People currently involved in the CRM

  • USERS:
    • All members
    • treasurer team members
    • membership committee members
    • secretary
  • Devs
    • norm (mAkePI)
    • matt g (Seltzer)
  • Interested in helping dev