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Zone Information
Vinyl Zone.JPG
Zone Name Vinyl Shop
Status Active
Zone Slogan "If you can vector it, I can vinyl it!"
Zone Coordinator(s) Kevin Flory
Zone Slack #vinyl_zone
Zone E-mail

Zone Color Orange
Paypal Button Pay money to Vinyl Shop

Almost all of the rolls of vinyl we stock are fourteen inches wide.

Currently, the vinyl shop contribution box asks for two dollars per linear foot of vinyl used.

Table of Equipment

Equipment Authorization Owner(s) Status
Heat Press No Barry CallahanJanet Callahan Running
Vinyl Cutter-US Cutter Refine MH-720 No Nate Bezanson Running

Vinyl Inventory List

See Vinyl Inventory 2022-07. Note that this list is not continuously updated; you should check the zone before planning a major project around a specific type of vinyl listed in the inventory.

Heat press instructions for various materials



Useful Guides

HOWTO Etch Glass

File:HP-GL.pdf HPGL reference from Graphtec

File:GP-GL.pdf GPGL reference from Graphtec

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