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If you are super not excellent you may be banned.

These people have been banned from i3Detroit

Name Photograph
Keenan/Niki Lake ???
Mario Corsetti Mario Corsetti.png
Paul De Athos Paul De Athos.jpg
Nathan Warnick Nathan Warnick.png
James Kuhns James Kuhns.jpg
James Turner James Turner.jpg
Que/Kevin Fanning Que Fanning.png
Jordan Stroebe Jordan Stroebe.jpeg
Deb Scott Deb-scott-photo.png


Because of Legal Concerns about lawsuits over libel, the summaries for why people got banned are kept separately from the list of people who are banned. This way we are only asserting that a person was banned, which is an indisputable fact, and separately listing reasons people have been banned.

Date/Minutes Summary
2012-02-15 Created nuisances to the members, despite numerous warnings not to.
2013-11-16 Broke i3 property and tried to steal other i3 property
2013-12-14 Repeatedly broke things, improperly stored belongings at the space, and acted recklessly
2016-05-03 A pattern of willful noncompliance with the wishes of the overall group, fraudulently signed themselves in as a guest without the agreement of any members to host.
2016-05-10 Sketchy McHarassment, didn’t sign in as a guest properly, lied about being on the board, etc.
2020-08-06 Credible accusations (and eventual conviction) of sexual assault following a lot of small issues and drama that previously got them suspended
2022-05-10 Repeatedly stalked other members and harassed and verbally abused them.
2022-06-28 Left dangerous messes, lied about damaging stuff and leaving those messes
2023-12-28 Repeatedly failed to follow rules; frequent conflicts with members; complete unwillingness to improve