HOWTO Deal With People Not Being Excellent

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Sometimes people aren't excellent, here are our best guidelines for how to deal with this.

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Advocate/Board process

If an advocate can talk to whoever is causing issues and resolve it, that's great.

If this fails or wouldn't be helpful, it becomes a board problem.

When there is doubt as to what happened, start with an advocate investigation & report. This may be unnecessary when there is no dispute as to the facts.

An incomplete list of consequences the board may do:

  • For a minor, rare offense, a warning may be appropriate
  • put the member on probation, with clear language that a longer probation or even ban might be pursued if another issue arises with the same person
  • A permanent ban (The board can reverse these at any time so language to the effect of "ban may be overturned if" isn't necessary)

Records that exist

We don't want to be a police state, but we also need to have institutional memory. Those goals have some conflict, and we need to find a line we're all willing to tolerate

Advocate Records

Advocates have some stuff that is kept confidential unless there is consent to share with the board, or it is necessary to disclose for board action.

Board records

A list of every ban or probation

Public Records

  • The Banned List has every banned person, as well as every ban reason
  • Probation reasons are in the minutes, but all the reasons should be summarized by the flags bit of the other page

When a probation Happens

  1. Ensure the vote is documented in a board meeting on the wiki
  2. Add them to the spreadsheet of ban/probatoin people that is in the Board+Advocate shared drive under discipline documentation
  3. Deactivate their keys
  4.  ???

When a Ban Happens

  1. Try to address any storage they have in the final proposal. (Remember to delete their storage plot from the crm later)
  2. Ensure the vote is documented in a board meeting on the wiki
  3. Remove them from the mailing lists
  4. Remove their role from the CRM and change their plan to “banned”
  5. Deactivate their slack account
  6. Special:Block their wiki account
    1. Apply Template:Banned to their userpage
  7. Deactivate their keys
  8. Checking if they have any access to any of our social media accounts, email groups, etc
  9. Check for access to servers, vpn, etc
  10. Document this on all the banned lists
    1. Update the Banned List Wiki page and print a new copy to hang by the door
    2. Spreadsheet of bans/probations people that is in the Board+Advocate shared drive under discipline documentation.
  11. Everything in HOWTO Leave
  12. Make an announcement to the announce list

Ban Template

|Description=Ban $person for:
* list
* of
* reasons

Ban Email Template

As of $date, $person has been banned from i3Detroit for the following reasons:

  • same
  • reasons
  • as the proposal

Multiple attempts were made to make $person aware of the issues they were causing, including $attempts.

As a reminder, you can see a list of people who have been banned from i3 as well as a list of reasons people have been banned

Remember to be excellent to each other.