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This page will show the various Membership Plans/Categories at i3 Detroit and their privileges and accesses.

$59 Membership

This is the standard plan and the only one currently available.

Scholarship Membership

This is the special plan provided for certain people selected by the Scholarship Committee.

Discontinued/legacy Memberships

These plans were in effect for some portion of i3 Detroit's history, but are no longer valid for current members.

$25/$100 - Discontinued 07/2010

$39/$89 - Discontinued 9/2015

$49 - Discontinued 12/2019


This classification of for existing members that will be out of the area/cannot use the facilities for an extended period of time (1 month or more). e.g Vacations, sickness or injury, etc. No dues are charged to a member on Hiatus. Suspended members may also fall under this classification, at the discretion of the board.


This classification applies to people who are not members of the space. Guests are people who have been invited to the space by a member. Said member will meet them there and be responsible for their visit.


We use the term "Visitors" for non-members who have not been invited to the space by a member, i.e. not Guests. First time visitors should go to Friday Nite Tours as a way to see i3. At Friday Nite Tours, you will be told how to make future visits. Registered class students and participants in planned events are welcome. Unscheduled visitors will be directed to Friday Nite Tours. If you can't make Fridays, please email to schedule a visit.

Ex Members

This classification is for people who used to be a member, but no longer. Suspended members may also fall under this classification, at the discretion of the board.

Banned persons

This classification is for people who have been banned from the space by the board of directors. Banned persons can be either ex-members or ex-guests.

Privileges and Access

. Member Non-member Disciplinary
privilege $59 Voting Member Scholarship members Hiatus Guests Lapsed / ex-members Suspended Banned
Voting on all Member Votes, including election of Board directors. Y Y
Can be signed in as a guest by any member. Y Y Y with disclosure No! Call police!
24/7 Door Access Y Y
Use of equipment requiring training/authorization if authorized if authorized if authorized if authorized ?
Use of open equipment (no training required) Y Y Y if supervised Y if supervised
Access to public classes Y Y Y Y Y Y
Access to members-only classes Y Y
Access to members-only Mailing List and Slack. Y Y Y (special cases) ? moderated
CRM Access for their account. Y Y Y ? Y
Member Storage Plot Y Y ?
Access to Large Project Storage Space, following all rules thereof Y Y
Personal equipment may be housed in appropriate zone with Zone Coordinator approval for use by all. Y Y Y
Can serve as an Officer or Zone Coordinator Y Y
Access to official electronic i3 accounts (emails accounts, website, servers, social media, etc.) Y Y ?