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Zone Information
Zone Name Craft Room
Status Active
Zone Slogan "We make it work"
Zone Coordinator(s) Jan HenryKevin Flory
Zone Slack #craft-room
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Zone Color Gold
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Equipment Links

See also detailed list below.

Subject Matter Experts

If you'd like to find someone to give technical advice on using a specific machine or technique, or are willing to be listed as someone who can help others, please contact Kevin Flory.

  • Kevin Flory: Painting, drawing [specialties: oils and watercolor ], gold leafing, picture mat cutting
  • Jan Henry: Sewing
  • Ashley Prescott Lesser: letterpress

External Documentation


Major Equipment

Item Detailed Description Owner/Sponser (If Known)
Easel Kevin F.
Paper Trimmer 1 `guillotine' trimmer, 13" bed Presumed Mel B.
CraftRoomInventory GuillotinePaperTrimmer.jpg
Paper Trimmer 1 flatbed `roller' trimmer, 12" bed Presumed Nick B.
CraftRoomInventory RollerPaperTrimmer.jpg
Laminator Hand crank, self adhesive style, suitable for 8 1/2" x 11" sheets
Badger Airbrush Kit Includes paints, instructional guide, and cleaning materials. Unknown None At Present
Silhouette Paper Cutter Like the Cricut, provides a craft appliance for cutting paper shapes. Unknown None At Present
Logan Mat Cutter Device for easily cutting picture-framing matts Jeff B.
Bone Folder here.] Chris Bohinsky
Bone folder.jpeg


Art and Craft Supplies By Location

Drafting Cabinet

Item Price Location Details Owner/Sponser (If Known)
Artist-Grade Acrylic Paint 20¢ per 1/2 oz Solo cup (cups in drawer); $1 per 6-well palette-full (palettes in drawer) DC2 Tube and bottled acrylic paint in a wide variety of qualities ("Craft", "Basic", "Artist") and colors. Sponser: Kevin Flory
Oil paint Tube oil paints. Sponser: Kevin Flory
Gold Leaf And silver leaf, size, and varnish. Sponser: Kevin Flory
Paint thinner, varnishes Various liquids used in painting:
  • Paint Thinner
  • Spray And Liquid Varnishes
  • Stand Oil
  • Cobalt Drier
  • Acrylic Matte Medium
Sponser: Kevin Flory
  • Vintage Newspapers
  • Patterned Paper
  • Artists' Paper
    • Sketching Paper
    • Watercolor Paper
    • Charcoal Paper
  • Construction Paper
  • Tissue Paper
Sponser: Kevin Flory
Canvases, Canvas Board Sponser: Kevin Flory

Art and Craft Supplies

Item Price Details Owner/Sponser (If Known)