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March: Enigma boards sent to various hackerspaces. Ours arrived 4/1: Full disassembly on Red_Bull_Creation_2011, and tweet confirming FTF makers list: (tweets are protected, screenshot at RedBullCreationStatus54081680453017600.png ) and and

Qualifying entry: ChronoTune [1]

April 27: ChronoTune [[2]] uploaded to YouTube.

July: Finals in NYC, created the SquiggleTrike. Finals team: Roger, Ted, Eric, Nate B.



"Finals" held by video link, we built the Tri-3 game board.


May: Qualifying entry: Rainbowtron

Finals in NYC: Final creation, Whirly-tubulator Finals team: Sean, Rocco, Eric, Matt O. We won team-choice (and a Full Spectrum 40W hobby laser)


Ideas page Red_Bull_Creation_2014

Qualifying entry Phytobots

Finals held in Detroit. Finals team: Marie, Ted, Sean, Ken.

Finals entry RoboCrop, won people's choice and team choice! (won us an FSL3D Pegasus printer)


Was there a qualifier?

Contest held in Detroit.

Team: Mike F, Nate W. (on suspension at the time), Natron Wallace, Tom K.

Entry: LED-lit merry-go-round.