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Yow, fill this in!

The Squiggletrike was built by Ted, Eric, Roger, and Nate B for the 2011 Red Bull Creation challenge in NYC, from 7 - 10 July 2011. It's a pneumatic tricycle with a novel non-rotary drive mechanism, and runs from compressed air or CO2.

Photos would be nice. Heck, if there's a template for project writeups, that'd be cool too.

Here is a video on You Tube showing the final presentation:[1]

Travel kit

When the Squiggletrike needs to go to an off-site event, here are some things that want to go with it:

  • Compressor, Nate's little pancake works but it's heinously loud
  • Lots of air hose, with 1/4" quick-connects on either end, to let the compressor sit far away
  • The red portable air tank, with 1/4" quick-connects, for use as an air shuttle or local accumulator
  • One stout extension cord, but really the compressor should be plugged straight into an outlet if possible
    • Make sure the hoses and cords are labeled i3Detroit so we get them back!
  • Wrenches or pliers for the pulley bracket bolts
  • Wrenches or pliers for the front fork axle
  • Spare parts:
    • Air line (6mm or 1/4" OD, nylon or whatever)
    • Zip-ties
    • 1/4"-NPT to nylon line push fitting
    • PTFE tape for threaded joints
  • Sturdy cloth totebag for most of the above