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Chair Justin Triplett

Action Item Review

  • Justin T. - Check insurance regarding minors at i3 for First Robotics team - also check team's insurance, CC Ted and ask board list
    • Nate B. followed up, and things look good, and things are moving forward for first
    • Kick-off event happened at i3 on Saturday
    • It involves something about balls
    • Team plans to be here next weekend
  • Nate B. - Ask team sponsor to come to i3 to see if the space will have
  • Jamie B. - Make lost and found box
  • Nate B. - Work with Jody to fix welding things


  • Fred
    • Heard about i3 through a friend at Tech Shop
    • Interested in electronics, Arduino
  • Evan
    • He's been around for about a year an a half
    • Became a member this month because he finally graduated and moved to the area
  • Eric
    • Heard about i3 through Thomas
  • Member intro: Brian W.
    • One of the members at the meeting who has been here the longest
    • Zone warden for CNC and Metal Shop
    • Does networking for a living
    • Dabbles in wood working
    • Can run the laser cutter
    • Some electronics and programming
  • Devon T.
    • Zone warden for the Laser Zone
  • Max G.
    • Membership coordinator
  • Alex
    • Been at i3 for about 6 months
    • Using laser cutter and Wood Shop

This is My Topic Title

Point of Contact: Konrad Brown

  • To streamline the meetings, I would like to request members to post topics directly to the minutes page
    • For each meeting I will create a wiki page for the minutes a couple days before the meeting and email a link to the list requesting topics
    • Use this topic section as an example to start your own topic on the wiki page
      1. After navigating to the meeting minutes wiki page, select the "Edit" tab at the very top right of the web page, found between "Read" and "View History."
      2. Copy this section starting from the subsection heading (marked by the double equals "==") to the last bullet point of this section.
      3. Paste the copied text after the Introductions section and before the Zone Updates section
      4. Fill in your wiki username and real name to make a link to your user page (e.g. Konrad B.), which will also give us a point of contact for the topic
      5. Type in your description.
        • Make sure not to put any white space at the beginning of the line or it will not be interpreted as wiki text
        • Use asterisks "*" make a bullet point, and pound symbols "#" make a numbered sequence
      6. Use the "Show Preview" button at the bottom of the page to debug any formatting errors, scroll down to the edit text box at the bottom of the page to make further changes
      7. Make sure to press "Save Page" at the bottom when you are done.

January Metrics Update

Point of Contact: Matt O

  • Matt has a presentation.
  • Members actually showed up to the meeting in this cold weather
  • Vistors is down 20% since last month
    • Over all, we are doing 7% better at having visitors than last year.
  • December Facebook analytics
    • Total reach increased by 48%!!!
    • Post Reach decreased 30.5%
      • Our posts are doing less for us than other things
      • Posting links does nothing for us
      • Pictures do well, particularly pictures of projects
  • Website visits are way down. Down 52% since last month
    • Does holiday season matter?
  • Goal by September 1, 2014
  • 7992 i3detroit.com visitors
  • 796 Facebook average total reach

Hazel Park Swap & Shop

Point of Contact: Matt Huber

  • HPARC Swap & Shop is Sunday, Jan 12 8am-12pm
    • We have a vendor table reserved and paid for
    • Looking for volunteers to help staff the table
      • Justin and Matt H. will be there and anyone else who is interested
      • Come there and eat hot dogs
    • I think we're right next to power, so we can run printrbot and other devices
      • Possibly will be printing things there on the spot, like an i3 keychain
  • Even if you're not into ham radio, ham swaps are full of interesting bits and pieces

Official Floor Plan and Marking Zones

  • Terry W
  • Do we have an official one in the wiki?- yes- If yes, where? -Zones page- If not, when?
  • Should we use the Floor Plan to tape Zone boundaries on the floor so that items meant to be left in the common area are not left in a zone by mistake and that members can easily see when items need a parking ticket because they are left in a zone which doesn't own the item?
  • Nate B. may be working on something (?)
  • Floor plan is board stuff anyway

Graveyard Coordinator

  • Terry W - I would like to become the Graveyard Coordinator.
  • Never had a warden before because it's not a zone.
  • Terry already has Kiln and Snack
  • People probably shouldn't be wardens of multiple zones
    • Focus on making one zone awesome
    • Concern for burn out
  • Terry implemented a system of labeled and dated shelves to push things out the door after they've been in the graveyard for too long.
  • Consensus is if Terry wants to do this unofficially, there's no problem.

Large Project Area

  • Terry W - Our system of project storage, permits et al, uses the concept of a Large Project Area. But it is fuzzy if/where this is. Should we define and mark it?
  • We can't get to the Kiln zone easily
  • Left over shelves from Tool Crib are taking up space
    • Maybe put them in member storage
      • Short term solution, let's do this. Help Marie.
    • Does any other zone want them?
  • Back on topic, maybe we can put tape on the floor?
  • Nate B. was going to do something? -Brian W.
  • If someone wants to take care of this, they can.

Private Data Storage Owned by Group

  • Terry W - I believe it is time to make a single bucket of private data storage that is owned by the group, not an individual, to archive group documents like leases and tax returns and such. Individuals shared docs leave when the individual leaves and with multiple "shared doc" archives no one is certain what is contained in the sum of them.
  • We have a server for this but it was turned off because of noise and power usage
  • We need a place to store important documents like the insurance policy that isn't public on the internet
  • Google Apps, Dropbox, Git Hub, other apps available
    • We have a Dropbox, and Git Hub for i3
    • Google Apps has been discussed in the past, Compute Zone wardens can do that

Show and Tell

  • Greg Smith
  • Vase Terry W
  • Bring in or talk about things you have made.
  • Twitter Bot! - Andrew
    • Now it takes your picture so that visitors will know a friendly face when they come to the space
    • Picture is posted on Twitter, and i3 website
    • Links to IRC channel to tell people if the space is open or not
    • Blog posts about the project to come
  • Matt O. laser cut some Tommy guns
    • They're cool
    • He will post them on the i3 website

Zone updates

CNC Zone

  • Brian is working on training process, three steps
    1. Show that you know how to write some G Code, interpret, and debug it
    2. General things about save machine usage: change tools, zero the machine, set up the part coordinate system
    3. Prove that you can make a part without ripping your arm off.
      • Get some G Code with 2-3 tool changes
      • Get it on the machine
      • Run it and make a part
      • One of the three operators will have to supervise this
    • Coming to an i3 Detroit near you in February
  • Still trying to sell the Bridgeport
    • It's not going as well as hoped
    • Brian meets with other members of the Bridgeport CNC

Fab Lab

  • Door closer was moved from the men's bathroom to the Fab Lab door
    • Now it closes quieter

Kiln Zone

  • Glass Kiln and Ceramic Kiln operational
  • Cash Box operational with Cost sheet.
  • Ceramics class soon.

Laser Zone

  • Greg Smith is teaching a Marquetry class Tuesday January 28th on the 40 W laser
  • Bumblebee's light was off, but it's back on now

Metal Shop

  • Reorganization by Steve Brook
    • The loft is being converted into something useful, accessibly
      • Possibly member storage?
    • Metal stock was moved across to a new rack
    • A new grinding and buffing station was set up
  • Any questions or things you can't find email Brian or Steve

Tool Crib

  • Jeff and Alex kicked some butt cleaning up (applause)

Tree House

  • Operational
  • Planning upgrades

Welding Zone

  • Updated the wiki page with better shutdown procedures, and maintenance logs. Please read if you use the zone!
  • Check the mailing list for the updates

Vinyl Zone

Requests for new vinyl will be done hopefully this week, if you requested a color or material and need it sooner let me know and i'll push the priority on my list of things to do. Email Nathan W. Nate_LapT@i3detroit.com with your requests.


Nate W.

Small machine

100% functional, I plan to attach some locking casters to it this week so it can easily be moved around, and easily tucked back in the corner when not used.

Large machine

One of the heater controllers has a circuit issue, need to probe this out. The thermocouple sensor is not functioning, so it won't run. The wiki has been updated, talk to me if you can help with any of the tasks left.


With the small machine functional. Will someone with cnc knowledge help me design a i3 rubber keychain? Also Matt A. Has had interest in making game pieces, so a mould with a changeable faceplate is ideal. Email me off list please.

Wood Shop

  • Greg Smith
  • Put things back and help keep the shop clean
    • Use shop vac to clean up
  • Contributions for Open stock material and tool damage
  • Greg is going to give a class on glues and adhesives - not just for wood, but also metals and plastic
  • Router Status
    • Two broken routers in the last month
    • One was reported, another was not
    • It's important to notify the zone wardens
    • Severe damage to a 3/4" bit that could have been very dangerous
    • Budget request will be put in for a better router based on the amount of useage at the space

Snack Zone

  • New Cola racks
  • Everything Operational
  • Post its for requests - 2 requests outstanding

Upcoming Events/Calendar Review

  • Big Laser Class 1/16/14
  • Laser Marquetry class 1/28/14 using 40 Watt Laser (4 people)
  • Compute Zone orientation this week
  • CNC Embroidery class 1/9/14
  • Knot tying class February 6th


  • Current treasurer is stepping out of office ASAP, he's starting a new job
    • He wants to pass on information about how to carry out the treasurer duties
  • Meeting happening right after the member meeting to work out what the responsibilities are going to be and who will do them
  • Some of the work may be split into tasks for different people
  • Hang out staying open


  • Router Status
  • We need a new sign for i3
    • to replace the banner over the garage door that has been cited in violation of municipal regulations
  • Will it be back lit?
  • Need permission from the landlord
  • We qualify for two signs since we are on a corner building
  • Issue for our facade is limited space
  • The banner is still up there, but we don't need to worry about it too much
  • Do we want to purchase a sign or make one?
  • Plasma cutter? We still need a slag pool to do that.
  • Brad from B. Nektar says he would like us to make a sign for them and will pay for it

Action Items

  • Justin T. - Make a financial and a membership report by the 3rd Tue meeting
  • Nate B. - Work with Jody to fix welding things
  • Brian W. - Talk with other owners of Bridgeport to find new ways find a new owner for it
  • Alex W. - Organize a discussion on the possibility of a new i3 sign to replace/upgrade the banner


  • Justin Triplett
  • Konrad Brown
  • Dave Scholl
  • Fred Cruz
  • Marie Enga
  • Brian W
  • Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  • Alex Bellak
  • Eric Smith
  • Devon Truscott
  • Matt Oehrlein
  • Nathan Warnick - Hangout