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Chair Justin Triplett


  • Marie, she's here. She misses board meetings
  • No other new faces

Action Item Review

  • Max G.A. - Post info on painting the Tree House
    • This will be happening in the new year
  • Matt O. - Follow up on the soldering class
  • Justin T. - Start discussion on changes to member storage practices
    • Getting pallet racks for the E Lab storage area
  • Justin T. - Start planning thread for HAM radio antenna
    • Mark L is designing something, proposing it to the landlord
  • Justin T. - Start thread about L'Anse Cruse HAM Radio Swap
  • Ted H. - Post to list about independent film to ask/notify members about the filming time on Saturday
  • Margaret L. - Post to list about APS outreach

Show and Tell

  • Steampunk Steve shows of an electric cigar box guitar
  • Brian W. shows of puzzle box made on the laser cutter with 5mm birch wood. There's a puzzle that you need to move a ball bearing through to the button before you can open the box.

Pot Lock Clean Up

  • This place is still pretty messy
  • More stuff to clean
  • Please do
  • All the cleaning

Review of Board Meeting

Reply Classic

  • Reply all is automatic now, but it used to be just "Reply" by default
  • Some people hate it, some love it
  • Justin will change it back

First Robotics Team

Point of contact Nate B.

  • Local team used to build at a manufacturing place
  • Their old space is not available
  • i3 is not very close to them, but they are asking
  • Supporting:
    • Cleaning up after ourselves to share space
    • Storage: they need about two power wheels worth of space
      • Others at meeting estimate more space would be needed
      • Floor space is a concern
        • Suggested that storage is put in cave under tree house
        • There was a general consensus that storing under the tree house is a good idea, no one will miss the space
    • We ask one or two adult mentors of the team to join as members of i3 and they supervise the team
    • It would be noisy here for about 2 weekdays and Saturdays for January and February
      • After school event, so probably around 4pm to 9pm
      • Concern for conflict with events: Beaglebone group on Wednesday, and Game night on Thursdays
      • We can tell them when the team's presence might be most convenient -Greg S.
      • It's a good idea to have i3 members at the space at the same time as the First team to inspire the students and help them learn. -Nate B.
    • Liability concern for minors and insurance
      • At the moment, we don't think we have insurance to cover anything like that -Justin T.
      • In the past we have attached a rider to the insurance to allow x-many minors in the space -Nate B.
  • Students are high school students from International Academy East in Troy
  • Students need a waiver for their parents to come to i3 and be supervised by one school
  • There will be about 10 to 20 students
  • Some teams display sponsor names on their banner, i3 may get notoriety
  • Kickoff is the 1st Saturday of January (4th)
    • But the sooner the better for the First Team because they need to move before the kickoff

Tentative Proposal Pending Adequate Insurance and Space

  • Proposed by Matt H.
  • Seconded by Andrew M.
  • Overwhelming majority of members present votes in favor

Zone Mentoring

  • The idea is to try to connect new people to mentoring in an area that they already feel comfortable.
    • They will feel more at home before they move on to learning how to use new tools in zones they aren't used to.
  • Zone Coordinators: Let's get a go-to list of people who are trained to work in the zones so that it's easier to match new members to mentors

Calendar Review

  • Matt O. held a tour
    • Kids asked "What does this do?"
    • It would be great if we had a demonstration piece to show people (kids) what the different tools and machines can do.
    • Zone wardens, you are going to do this:
    • Find a simple example to demonstrate what your zone's tools do.

Soldering Watermelon Class

  • It's not soldering anymore, because the requester wanted a more hands-on, interactive experience for the students
  • High school kids are doing a watermelon drop contest
  • This Saturday noon - 5pm
  • Volunteers

Where Does This Go?

  • Most zones have a box
  • They're not for personal items - so where is the lost-and-found
    • There is no lost and found but the rules say there is one
  • What's the difference between lost-and-found and the graveyard?
    • The only time something is supposed to be put in the graveyard is when the owner puts it there or the board puts it there
    • Instead, you put a parking ticket and leave it where it sits

Boy Scouts coming to i3?

  • Mailing list thread started by Andrew M.
  • Bringing in scouts as an informal thing to have them make things
  • During month of February, for about 90 minutes
    • Preferably on a weeknight, but weekend could be ok

Zone updates

E Lab

  • New, cool parts!
    • Great prices
    • Boost regulators
    • Ask, and Nate B will show you around
  • E Lab orientation happens Dec. 26

Fab Lab

  • Protomat is working
    • Classes in new year
    • Closed source software working - maybe easier to use
    • Open source
  • Rostock having some maintenance done
    • IR camera shows heating bed is not doing what it is supposed to
    • That's not cool, no wait, it is cool, that's the problem
    • Making things portable
    • No class plans until later next year
  • Fab lab has a white board
  • Making a plastics order by the end of December for more colors
    • Put in a request for colors on the white board in the Fab Lab

Craft Room

  • CNC embroiderer
    • Kevin having some trouble with getting it operating
    • Dive in to learn if you are interested
    • Hopefully we will figure it out soon and have classes

Tree House

  • Renewed effort to improve zone coming in new year!
  • Thanks, less trash!

Lazer Zone

Wood Shop

  • Classes in new year:
    • Making boxes
    • Classes on 4OW laser on Marketry? - Taking veneer and carving something into it

Kiln Zone

  • Both kilns are working fine
  • Jeff is making lots of Jewelry
  • Ceramics classes starting in January
  • Jeff will be teaching classes on glass jewelry!

Metal Shop

  • Reorganized Grinding/polishing station
    • Next to the air compressor
    • There's an apron and eye protection
    • Strongly advise you to use both, especially the eye protection

Welding Zone

  • Does anyone know anything about electronics to fix random broken things
    • Konrad points at Matt O. Matt O. looks at Nate B.
  • TIG Welder needs a potentiometer and/or some

Compute Zone

  • Keyboard and mouse are now wired because we don't want batteries

CNC Zone

  • A series of classes will be starting in either January or February
    • Students would need to demonstrate use of G-Code
    • There will be a test for you to demonstrate your ability

Vinyl Zone

  • We have money, so if you would like a color let Nate Warnick Done
    • Dark red?

Tool Crib

  • Still needs a warden
  • Jeff will do it! (applause)

Action Items

  • Justin T. - Check insurance regarding minors at i3 for First Robotics team - also check team's insurance, CC Ted and ask board list
  • Nate B. - Ask team sponsor to come to i3 to see if the space will have
  • Jamie B. - Make lost and found box
  • Nate B. - Work with Jodi to fix welding things


  • Justin Triplett
  • Maxwell Pelican
  • Madalyn Candice Winans
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Matt O. Poop Poop
  • Matt Huber
  • Kevin Flory
  • Alex Bellak
  • Mike Fink
  • Jamie Burdeski
  • Mark Miles
  • Halley Miglietti
  • Steve Brook
  • Rob Lufton
  • Dave Scholl
  • Konrad Brown
  • Gary Morin
  • Nathan Warnick
  • Marie-Therese Enga