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Call for Projects and Volunteers is open from now until July 15th!

Project Sign-up Form

Volunteer Sign-up Form


Maker Faire is Awesome!

As many of the old-timers know, Maker Faire Detroit is i3's biggest event of the year! Maker Faire is a generally awesome event to go to, even if we weren't a part of it. There are tons of exhibits inside and outside the Henry Ford, demonstrations, power wheels races, arts and crafts booths, tents with other midwest makerspaces, makers selling their amazing handmade goods, and TONS of other cool amazing stuff!

i3 is Awesome at Maker Faire!

Our presence has been growing every year, and this year we are aiming to have a 40'x120' tent. It's tons of fun for everyone to show off their projects, interact with other makers, and talk about i3! We usually get a big bump in membership after Maker Faire, and we get a ton of local press leading up to the event as well. We also host the Official Maker Faire After-Party every year, which draws in hundreds of makers and friends, both local and from across the country. It's an awesome chance to show appreciation for everyone in our Maker Community and meet lots of cool people!

Internal Coordination this year

This year, and our 2nd time doing this, i3 will be coordinating projects in our tent internally. This means you should NOT submit your project through The Henry Ford's call to makers. i3 will send in one application for all of us and do the rest of the planning within i3! This is really exciting because we can have much better control of what space, equipment, and supplies we get, and won't have any unexpected surprises pop up the day of.

Coordinating Volunteers Too

We are also coordinating volunteers separately from projects. This is so that people who have a cool project, but aren't available that weekend can still participate! And people without anything to show this year can still participate! And, most importantly, if you submit a project, that does not commit you to standing around that project all day Saturday AND Sunday.

Call to Makers - Sign up for projects and volunteering ASAP!

The call to makers is now open, and it will continue to stay open until (INSERT DATE). However, if you sign up soon, you have the best chance of your project getting the space it needs and you getting to volunteer where you want. It also makes the planning of the tent way easier, so if you like Dana at all and want to make her life easier, sign up as soon as you can! You can always change details later. We'll let you know the cut-off time for getting information to us through the email list.

All Outside again

Another point of note is that we are going back to having an all-outside presence. A couple years ago we tried having an indoor and an outdoor section, but the indoor faction was very fractured, there were power constraints, and the overall level of energy and enthusiasm in our volunteers was decreased.

Additional Displays and Accommodataions

Since we are taking some of the "indoor-preferred" projects back outside, we will be taking extra precautions to make sure that those projects can be displayed properly. Our tent will have 3 walls to block out some of the sun, and we will be building some dividers to further isolate those projects that are light-up and require a low light environment to look their best. We will also be expanding our supply of custom displays to show off our projects. If you want a special display method, let us know when you sign up your project!


Anyone who volunteers or contributes a project will receive a wristband to get into Maker Faire for free for the entire weekend (~$50 value!). Dana will be coordinating this list based on the sign-up forms below.

Commercial and Non-commercial makers together

If you want to sell any of the things you've made, you can still sign up as part of i3! Just indicate that you'll be selling your stuff as a private vendor when you fill out the Project sign-up form. The Henry Ford usually charges a $150 fee for commercial makers or a $60 fee for crafters, but we might be able to put all commercial makers on one ticket or at least get a bulk discount. Last year, artists did not have to pay for a table if they were under our tent, but we will update that information as it becomes available to us. You'll be responsible for handling all your transactions, not i3. You will also be responsible for finding additional help for your table, and for load-in and load-out.


Who to Ask about All the Things

  • If you have any questions, email Dana Nelson ( and she'll add more information to this page!
  • You can also post to the Maker Faire 2017 Slack Channel: #makerfaire2017


  • Maker Faire Chief Wrangler and Grand Puma: Dana Nelson
  • Assistant Wrangler: Charlie Rysenga
  • After-Party Planner: TBA
  • Assistant After-Party Planner: TBA
  • Art gallery sub-tent section: TBA
  • Learn to Solder sub-tent section: TBA
  • Other sub-tent section leaders!???

Project Sign-up Form

This is a preliminary form for i3 members to sign up to show their projects at Maker Faire. None of these details are set in stone. Dana will use these details to start working out the space planning in the tent, and will discuss each project with you between now and Maker Faire to make sure everything is covered. Even if your project is not done yet, you should still sign up using whatever information you have! The deadline to have information set in stone will be announced on the email list, probably around a week or two before Maker Faire so we can get signs and such made.

Volunteer Sign-up Form

This is a preliminary form for i3 members to sign up to volunteer for Maker Faire. None of these details are set in stone. Dana will use these responses to set up a spreadsheet of volunteer shifts/tasks and confirm with you multiple times before Maker Faire.


  • Call to Makers/Volunteers Opens: TBA
  • Preliminary project list and volunteer list published, start of floor planning: TBA
  • Deadline to make a decision on Learn to Solder booth: TBA
  • Maker Faire Planning Updates at every Member meeting until Maker Faire
  • Deadline for guaranteed project and volunteer sign-ups: TBA
  • Maker Faire setup: TBA
  • Maker Faire: TBA
  • Maker Faire After-Party: TBA

Tent Floor Plan


Project List

Stand-alone projects:

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Part of Art Gallery Displays:

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Volunteer List & Assignments

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Maker Faire After Party 2017

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Maker Faire Planning Meeting Minutes

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