Maker Faire 2015: Planning for Art Gallery

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Max and Kevin are jointly building the art gallery.

Open Questions?

David and Jan have brought up the excellent point of what happens to stuff overnight. They're not really comfortable leaving items in the tent overnight due to the question of severe weather. However, if we (1) secure storage indoors in case of severe weather or (2) find a plan for storing stuff rapidly (such as plastic tubs) with which they're comfortable...they may be willing to allow outdoor display of 2 Frozen costumes on their own dummies. Note that Jan is still considering whether she wants an indoor booth for her business, and that would allow us the flexibility of indoor storage in case of poor weather.


Confirmed Displayers

The following people have confirmed they're willing to show:. However, all except Kevin need to be confirmed that they're comfortable for our plans for bad weather, or comfortable with the risk of bad weather without a plan.

Person Item Display Needed Size Registered Independently?
Muriel Painting (1 or more? Size?) Wall or easel ?? ??
Christine (Osinski or Diven?) Lovely big bubble-blowing Victrola horn Own display rack Around 3" square ??
Nico Raftis Painting (1 or more? Size?) Wall or easel ?? ??
Jamie Burdeski Cape, 1 Annie or Betty N/A ??
Kevin Flory Dress, 1 Annie or Betty N/A Yes (but stated I'd be displaying using I3's allotted space)
Kevin Flory Painting: 1 Wall or easel 20"x24" Yes (but stated I'd be displaying using I3's allotted space)
Kevin Flory Painting, 2 Wall or easel 24"x36" Yes (but stated I'd be displaying using I3's allotted space)
Kevin Flory Live painting demo (if desirable) Big easel Approx 4" square Yes (but stated I'd be displaying using I3's allotted space)
David Henry Kristoff Costume On self standing mannequin. About 36" square ??
Jan Henry Anna Costume On self standing mannequin. Probably about a 4' circle ??
Henry Birdseye "Tess" the Tessarect Display Hanging from wall 36"x36"x1/2" Yes

Potential Displayers

The following people might be interested in showing, and should be contacted:

Person Item Size Display Needed
Greg Smith Various wood items (how many? What sizes? Will Greg bring his own shelf, as last year?) ?? ??
David Henry Various wood turned items (some are good for displaying other small items) TBD as THF has yet to confrim. TBD
Lego Various itty-bitty resin items Less than 1" square KDF: Arrange under-glass or in-box storage, or with-magnifier storage; these are too delicate to be handled.


  • Ask Nate W. about glass/acrylic sandblasted.
  • Ask David about spatulas
  • Ask David about salt-and-pepper shakers
  • Definitely plan for lots of small last-minute items
  • David has a lead-pouring kit; the Metal Shop may also have same. Or build display plaques using welded metal.

To-Do List

  1. KF: Price out materials for 4' x 6.5' display walls (send mail to list requesting advice on best construction?) Locate truck for moving parts.
  2. KF: Take stock of what we have for glass-box or glassed-in storage for the 'do not touch' items.
  3. KF: Start checking used stores for old sheets, etc.
  4. KF: Check with Jamie on tablecloths.
  5. KF: Bring in plastic tubs, size against items. If we can get plastic tubs large enough, they may work for secure overnight/bad weather storage.