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The purpose of the fundraising committee is to organize and oversee all fundraising and grant writing activities to better coordinate these activities.

More formally: "Coordinate various fundraising and grant writing activities at i3. Ensure that all fundraising activities are approved and have appropriate follow up. Be a point of contact for all members interested in working on fundraising or grant writing at i3.”

The committee provides updates in emails to, as well as at board meetings.

Scope of the Committee

The primary purpose of the committee is to manage requests for funds from outside people or organizations. This prevents us from making multiple requests to the same group, requesting money from multiple groups for the same item, and generally keeps us from looking disorganized to outsiders. Additionally, the committee should also ensure members are not inundated with requests for pass-the-hat campaigns (what is considered reasonable here is up for debate as it hasn't really been an issue to this point). Thus, the committee passed the following requirements:

Approval of a fundraiser is required if any of the following are true:

  • The request will be seen by any non members (public mailing list, social media, direct contact with grant-givers etc.)
  • You are requesting $1000 or more
  • You do not have spending authority for the area which would be receiving the funds (ZC, SIG Leader, Officer/Board)

(Source, these meeting minutes)

Committee Members

The committee is chaired by the President & Treasurer.

In addition to the current President & Treasurer, the following people are on the committee:

  • Paul Lee
  • Lew Dennison
  • Jan Henry
  • Melissa Gilchrist

Stuff the Committee is Doing

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Fundraising committee meetings are on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM, unless otherwise decided by the committee.

Meeting Minutes

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