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Agenda for Fundraising Committee 12-03-2019

Chair: Jamie Burdeski

Old Business

  • MEDC Campaign:
    • Need someone to create monthly report of how the construction is going. Contact Jody if you want to help.
    • Jamie suggests that we should try to get something updated before every fundraising meeting.
  • Ford Application
    • Still need feedback. Contact Mel if you want to help.
  • Also, always welcome to email fundraising@i3detroit.org if you want to help.

New Business

Discuss and Set Sponsorship Tiers

Aimed mainly at corporate donors. Decide on:

  • Tiers of donations (propose $1,000; $5,000; $15,000 tiers)
    • Gold tier: $15k plus
    • Silver tier: $5k - $14,999K
    • Bronze tier: $1k - $4,999k
  • Duration of sponsor recognition per tier (propose 1 year, 2 year, 3 year)
  • Methods of recognition (plaques, website, social media posts)
    • Can get listed on website for one year under corporate sponsorship section.
    • Can get a plaque on any items donated as long as we have them.
    • Can get a name on our own plaque for an indefinite time until we get around to removing them.
    • Social media might happen, but more aspirational than practical at this point.

Blumz Ladies Night

Contact Paul if you want to participate. We need people to man a table for i3 there. They are having a silent auction to benefit i3.

Contribute to specific items via PayPal or something

Jeff P. suggests adding a bit to the website to allow people to contribute for specific items with a PayPal button. Jody asks how this is different than the pledges on the wishlist. Jamie & Jody point out the risks of accepting money for an item that doesn't get fully funded.

Action Items

Action Item: Jamie to update the wiki with fundraising information.
Action Item: Kevin F. interface with content creation/social media about integrating fundraising.
Action Item: Voitek to work on corporate sponsorship section of website.
Action Item: Jeff P. will look at wishlist and come up with suggestions to change.

Attendance: Jan H. Kevin F. Jody R. Jamie B. Mel G. Jeff P. Voitek S.

Meeting Metrics

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Action Item Summary

No action items.

Proposal Summary

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