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General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Rostock part cooling design/get manufactured a ring of microjets to be supplied by shop air. the jets should hit the plastic, not the nozzle 3

Equipment TODOs

3D Printer - Formlabs Form2 MelodicTapir
  • make FAQ
3D Printer - Full Spectrum Pegasus Touch
  • Mechanical mounts for beaglebone to front panel
  • 1-2" vent ducting to main vent
  • Edit firmware to make prints take less time
  • Laser calibration to try fixing edge non-linearity
  • Replace hood
  • DC power switch
3D Printer - Prusa MK3S/MMU2S
  • Light bar:
    • Needs to be connected to relay, then powered from the 24VDC machine power supply.
    • Relay needs to be connected to Raspberry Pi I/O for the OctoPrint Environment plugin to control
  • Credentials for OctoPrint and Pi need to be put onto machine physically,. and/or shared with Amelia Meyer
  • MMU2S filament spools need a better holder. Maybe something like a retracting winder?
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3
  • Troubleshoot calibration issue, G29 command causes hang and code crash
Convection Oven
  • Plumb in vent ducting after AC blast gate
Creality CR30 Belt PrinterUser guide, instructions, TBD
Form Wash & CureFind wash/cure time/temperature table for resins