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Zone Information
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Zone Name Classroom
Status Active
Zone Slogan Oh yeah! It's Kool-Aid Man!
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Zone Slack #classroom
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Our classroom makes possible functions which are impractical due to dust and noise elsewhere in the space. Its use can be reserved on our Google calendar, similarly to the common area. Please see HOWTO Host an Event at i3Detroit.

The zone slogan is "OH YEAH! IT'S KOOL-AID MAN" as a reference to the Classroom Wall which existed when this room was the kitchen.


Craft Room's Sewing Table / Fabric Cutting Table and Mat

The classroom currently (before Side B Expansion) shares space with the Craft Room and some of that zone's equipment resides in here too. Of particular note is the 8 ft. by 4 ft. Fabric Cutting Table and Mat attached to the north wall, mounted via a wench and pulley system.
The classroom's White Board is attached to the bottom of this table. Usually this table is put away, leaving the white board exposed for its intended use.
Use of this table / mat is discouraged for classroom activities outside of the scope and purview of Craft Room operations and it's access and use is restricted. Mounting and putting away this special table requires training from Craft Room coordinators / wardens. See this equipment's page for more details.

Chrome Cast

Chromecast Ultra 4K Streaming Media Player - Model nc2-6a5-D.


This is a member maker project featuring an electronic view port iris that allows for viewing (or not) into the classroom.

Media Center PC

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 4GB Single-board Computer running a Linux based OS called Raspberry Pi OS (Formerly known as Raspbian, a Debian derivative.) The equipment details can be found at it's wiki page.
This computer was generously donated to the zone by Que Fanning.
Original Raspberry Pi Media Center initiated and equipment loaned to the classroom by Jeff Pynnonen.

Presenter Screen / TV

Sceptre_55in_4K_UHD_TV mounted to the west wall.

Tables and Chairs

White Board

May also be used as a projector screen.


Wall signage for TV and Media Center PC. (Open Document Format) (PDF - TBA)


Original plan for Classroom Remodeling in 2015.

Paint color: 129A310 C-213, E-111, OO-95 ACE new bases/Clark+Kensington 129 Int Semi Gloss En

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