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Project lead: Amelia Meyer

Project contributors: Evan Allen

This project's goal is to put a whimsical device on the Class Room door to indicate that someone is on the other side.

Code and project files live at the i3DoorIris Github repo

Mechanical designs for this project (window motor splines and new_gear) are found at Vector Github repo

DXF without window-motor spline on driving gear


  • Steampunk-ish chrome porthole covering...
  • ...7-inch hole through door to be covered by...
  • ...laser-cut motorized mechanical iris controlled by...
  • ...a salvaged automotive window motor driven by...
  • ...a custom Arduino-compatible driver board triggered by...
  • ...a pair of PIR sensors set into the two sides of the door.

Whew. So, yeah, basically, we wanted a hole through the door so we could see if there were anyone on the other side, before opening the door and knocking them off their feet. The easiest, most appropriate solution to this problem is naturally a custom Arduino system which opens a mechanical iris if it senses any motion on either side of the door, and shuts the iris after some time has passed. Why? Because hackerspace.

Steampunk porthole and outer PIR sensor
Laser-cut iris and inner PIR sensor