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The assembled and painted bins, filled with your sugar-money

This was a fairly simple project to replace the red plastic money cup in the Pop Fridge, which stemmed from the desire to make use of the previously useless little shelf in the top corner of the fridge door.

The money box is comprised of three removable bins and a base tray that the bins set into. The base tray has several stand-off layers because the plastic shelf in the fridge door has several ridges, making it uneven. The base tray is bolted through the plastic shelf so it won't fall out of the door.

The box was designed to be cut out of nominally 0.155" thick (actually measured about 0.151" or 3.85 mm) hard board, the smooth-on-both-sides type from Lowe's. The painted areas were covered with masking tape prior to engraving. Kerf was accounted for with copious application of wood glue.

Laser-cuttable files: