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Not really a kitchen

Yes, we know. There's no sink. Concrete saws are expensive and trash pumps are awful.

But is it really a zone? Nobody knows...

Pop Fridge

The white fridge (which now lives outside the kitchen) contains pop/soda/coke that you can buy for 50 cents. There's also water at the bottom for 25 cents. Fridge Cards are available for $5 so you don't always have to carry around change. If you're a $20-from-the-ATM kinda person, just buy 4 fridge cards at once.

If you're not signed up as a maintainer

  • Fridge is out of some type of pop?
    • Wash your hands and restock it from the shelf.
  • Shelf is low on some type of pop?
    • Notify one of the people below, or become one of the people below.
  • Counter is dirty?
    • Cleaning supplies are in the black cabinet!
  • Floor is dirty?
    • Win the gratitude and admiration of your friends -- Level up in Mop Hero!

To become a maintainer

  1. If you're not already a Wunderlist user, go fix that. It's a ToDo-list service with a really nice interface.
  2. Install the app on your phone. Just search "wunderlist" on the android or iphone app-market-thingy.
  3. Email Nate B from the address you used to sign up with wunderlist, saying that you've done so.
  4. He will then share with you the "i3detroit kitchen" list. It has ToDo items on it like "buy diet coke" and "buy regular dew".

Once you're signed up as a maintainer

  1. When your route to the space goes past a grocery store, whip out your phone, check Wunderlist, and see if we need pop. Buy it, and check it off the list.
  2. Upon arriving at the space, bring the pop inside, and reimburse yourself out of the cup.
  3. When you're in the kitchen and notice the shelf is low on something, find its item in the "completed" section and uncheck it, which returns it to the ToDo section.
  4. If you take cans back (thank you, valiant warrior of the sticky muck!) and you want to spend the refund money on pop and it looks like we're all caught up at the moment, go with your gut and just buy a popular flavor. We have shelf space to accommodate some overstock.

List of maintainers

  • should this be a table?
  • Nate B (maintains this list)
  • Jody R
  • Andrew M
  • Brian M
  • Charlie R
  • Evan A
  • Jamie B
  • Jerry B
  • Len K
  • Lewis D
  • Mike F
  • Roger S

Stocking the vending machine

Head over to the vending machine page for that.