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Member Information
Real Name FirstName LastName
E-mail Address example@example.com
Slack Handle ExampleUsername
Callsign EXAMPLE
IRC Handle example
Facebook ExampleProfileUsername
Twitter ExampleProfileUsername
Flickr ExampleProfileUsername
Steam ExampleProfileUsername
BoardGameGeek ExampleProfileUsername
Other Links http://www.example1.com, http://www.example2.com

Authorized to use: None
Certified Trainer on: None

This is the "Member Information" template. It makes a neat infobox on your wiki user page. Just copy the code below into your user page- it's prettiest if you copy it to the very top of your page, but anywhere on your page will work. The example code below makes the infobox on the right.

Change each line to reflect your actual information, and delete the lines you don't want to use.

  • The only required fields are your name and ID # (found in the CRM), because the wiki uses these to find when you're mentioned as a zone coordinator or officer or other official i3 things, and attach it to your RFID key for physical access control.
    • Log into the CRM, go to the members list, and find your name. If you click on your name to go to your page the URL will look like this: https://www.i3detroit.org/crm/index.php?q=contact&cid=### with "###" being your ID #
    • Real Name doesn't have to be legal name, just some equivalent to the american firstname lastname relating to what people call you in person. It's used to link to you on the wiki without showing your username because in The Past it was decided that was more readable.
  • An image isn't "required", but your picture will show up as an obnoxious ladybug and the Wiki Warden will eventually hunt you down and take a picture of you. Any image format that the wiki accepts is fine. Upload your picture here.
  • Officer appointments, Zone Coordinatorships, and equipment authorization all appear on their own via magic, don't worry about those. (But if they're wrong or look buggy, let the Wiki Warden know.)

Example Code

{{Member Information
|Real Name = FirstName LastName
|ID = ####
|E-mail = example@example.com
|Slack Handle= ExampleUsername
|Twitter = ExampleProfileUsername

Blank Template

{{Member Information
|Real Name=
|Slack Handle= 
|IRC Handle=
|Steam URL=
|BoardGameGeek =
|Other Links=