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What it is

The i3 Data Vault is a file-sharing system based on BitTorrent Sync for all official i3 documents. It's basically like Dropbox or Google Drive, but we're too paranoid to trust our files to Google. Or anyone else for that matter...

Using the data vault

At the space

The Fab Lab computer currently hosts a copy of both shares.

On your personal computer

  1. Download a BitTorrent Sync client like this one
  2. Enter the "Secret", or identifying code for the i3 file shares, found in this mailng list thread for read-only access.
  3. Set the synced folder to somewhere logical on your computer. For example, create an "i3 Data Vault" folder and create a sub-folder for each share-currently there is an "Administration" share and an "Equipment" share.

Voila! All the i3 records you could possibly want will be automatically synced on your computer

What's in the Data Vault

"Administration" Share

  • Budget documents
  • Records of guest waivers and sign-ins
  • Historical documents
  • Flyers and posters

"Equipment" share

  • Equipment manuals
  • Driver CD images