Husqvarna Designer SE Maintenance

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These steps are all safe for use by the general membership.

Maintenance Overview

The following actions are part of maintenance or are recommended for maintenance. This can also be used as a problem-solving or trouble-shooting checklist for the Husqvarna.

Just as a personal note, these actions were recommended by the repair shop guy during our yearly maintenance visit. While sewing machines can be notoriously picky, these recommendations are from a known-good source, and shouldn't do any harm.

  1. Thread Take-Up Lever. Even when the machine is threaded correctly, the thread often slips off of the thread take-up lever (the shiny metallic wire bit that rises and falls with the needle). Verify that it hasn't slipped off by re-threading, or just manually inspect it.
  2. Needle replacement.

    As soon as you even suspect dullness, just replace the needle. Dull needles have a higher risk of catching or tearing; if the bobbin case's timing is even slightly off, a dull needle will catch the case easily and scratch it. See HOWTO Change the Needle in the Husqvarna Designer SE.
  3. Thread selection. Are you using the right thread?
    1. Use good-quality thread, not the bargain stuff. The cheap shit snaps and 'fuzzes' far more easily, and it's got uneven tensile strength. It increases our need for maintenance visits, so it's forbidden. When in doubt, use something from the Craft Room racks--I've stocked just the good stuff.
      1. Gutermann
      2. Metzler
      3. Anything over $3 a spool
    2. Use the correct thread. Most craft stores sell specific thread for specific purposes. At a minimum, leather and denim work are much easier with leather thread and denim thread. If you're in doubt, Google helps.
    3. For embroidery, use ONLY Robisson-Anton polyfilament bobbin thread in the bobbin. It's the white thread on blue spools in the Craft Room rack.
    4. For embroidery, use embroidery thread in the top spool. It's shinier, and many of the spools are marked as 'embroidery'.

      You'll probably prefer to buy your own for your project--most fabric stores carry a wide range of threads marked 'embroidery' in the thread area. See HOWTO Change the Thread on the Husqvarna Designer SE.

Basic Maintenance Notes

  1. Remove nicks from the needle plate and bobbin case.
    1. If there are deep nicks in the needle plate, use sandpaper to smooth them down. They don't need to be removed entirely, but it's important that no cutting edges or catch points be present in the edge where the thread might catch.
      HusqvarnaNeedlePlate-1.jpeg HusqvarnaNeedlePlate-2.jpg

Additional Basic Maintenance Notes

  1. Bobbin Threader. The bobbin winder can be adjusted in several ways:
    1. The bobbin winder flange should be pointed inward. If not, adjust it as shown:

HusqvarnaBobbinWinder-1-1.jpg HusqvarnaBobbinWinder-1-2.jpg

    1. If thread has become caught under the bobbin winder, or it's otherwise at the wrong height, pop it off for adjustment using a screwdriver: