Glass Kiln ("Trogdor")

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Glass Kiln ("Trogdor")
Name Trogdor (Kiln)
Zone Glass Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Evenheat Kiln - Studio Pro 17 RM with TAP Smart Digital Controller
Part Number
Date Acquired 2016-01-01
Storage Location In the Kiln Zone
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value 1500.00
IP Address
MAC Address da:22:0e:f2:29:36

Documentation In Progress
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Requires Training and authorization.


Vacuum out kiln dust before and after each firing using the ash vacuum (wear a dust mask during this procedure to protect your lungs from the silica powder). Be careful, do NOT touch heating elements or thermocouple - they are fragile. Always use kiln paper under your piece(s) and be aware of potential glass overflow and spread for glass(es) over 1/4" high. Always leave enough room around your piece that is covered in kiln paper so that the glass does not get on the inside surface of the kiln (it will kill the elements or destroy the insulated surface). Do not open the kiln during its cycle - you may stress and crack your project).

Maintenance Info




Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Leora Druckman 1/1/2016
Terry Wynn 8/7/2016
Jody Raiford 2018-02-04
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Leora Druckman Leora Druckman 1/1/2016
Terry Wynn Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
Yaje Wang Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
Greg Smith Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
Vivian Sanders Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
Charlie Rysenga Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
David Henry Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
Kevin Flory Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
Lewis Dennison Jody Raiford 2/16/2018
Lewis Dennison Jody Raiford 2/16/2018
Benjamin Seiber Jody Raiford 2/16/2018
Derrick Robinson Jody Raiford 2/16/2018
Brad Tarratt Jody Raiford 2/16/2018
Nicole Weltman Jody Raiford 2/16/2018
Mark Furland Jody Raiford 2/16/2018
Melissa Gilchrist Jody Raiford 2/16/2018
Mike Fink Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
Jamie Burdeski Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
Joseph Baumann Leora Druckman 8/7/2016
Samantha McMyler Jody Raiford 12/20/2021
Walker Archer Jody Raiford 1/8/2022

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