Form Wash & Cure

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Form Wash & Cure
Name Form Wash & Cure
Zone Fab Lab

Owner Paul Frick
Make Model FormLabs Wash, FormLabs Cure
Part Number Wash - InventiveCria, Cure - InventiveGrebe
Date Acquired 05/29/21
Storage Location FabLab
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $1100

Power Requirements 120VAC
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More automated way to clean and cure resin prints, specifically needed for engineering resins (anything except the Gray v4 that we have a lot of).


1. Keep equipment clean and tidy, wipe down tools with IPA after use and keep tools in storage compartments on back of Form Wash.

2. Lower basket of Form Wash into fluid and close top lid when not in use.

3. Keep lid of Form Cure closed when not in use.


Recommended Workflow:

- To be started following completion of print on Form2 or other resin printer

1. Press button on front of Form Wash (left side of bench, next to Form2 printer) to wake, select "Open" in the menu 2. Wait for basket to rise from the fluid bath 3. Remove parts from bed of resin printer, place in wash basket 3. Select second line of menu and adjust wash time 4. Select "Start" to lower the basket into the wash fluid and start the wash cycle

5. Once wash cycle is complete, basket should raise out of the fluid

6. Remove parts from basket 7. Select "Sleep" to lower basket back into fluid to minimize fluid loss

8. Allow parts to air dry on a paper towel until most IPA is evaporated

9. Open lid of Form Cure (right side of bench) 10. Place parts on wire mesh turntable, spaced so that all sides can be exposed to the UV cure light. Multiple cure sessions may be needed if there are more parts than can fit on the turntable comfortably 11. Press button on front of Form Cure to wake from sleep 12. Set cure time and cure temperature in menu 13. Close lid of Form Cure 14. Select "Start" to start UV heated cure

15. Once cure cycle is complete, open lid and remove parts 16. Close lid

Maintenance Info

Periodically check cloudiness of IPA bath in Form Wash. Use hydrometer (stored in tool compartment on right rear side of the Form Wash) to check quality of IPA, red o-ring should be at or close to water-line. If o-ring is well above the water-line, IPA needs to be changed out.



Find wash/cure time/temperature table for resins

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date

User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Ben Wilk Paul Frick 2022.04.09
Paul Lee Paul Frick 2023.05.09

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