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General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Populate ToDo List Add a list of things that are needed/wanting to be done in the eRoom. 1 Nate B.
Benchview PC Set up a (small-form-factor?) PC with Windows (7 or 10?) to run the GPIB/LXI gear. Install Keysight Benchview on it and add the licenses we got for the Dream Bench instruments. 2 ?
PartsLaser mechanism Build X-Y gimbal, motor controller, laser enable, and camera mount ? ?
PartsLaser software Spreadsheet/database, label printing, find-a-part interface ? ?
Cabinet map Until Partslaser is operational, an easier way to update https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/File:NewERoomWithOverlays-output.jpg would be nice. 2 ?
wire spool rack Design a (laser-cuttable?) rack for small wire spools, that hangs on pegboard or under shelf ? ?
tenma meter repair Fix the sticky ammeter needle on the Tenma 72-630 PSU. Gently! ? ?
mount bigass HP PSU under shelf Nearest the door, so it's not in knee-space but the meters are accessible 3 ?
simpson microohmmeter refurb readings aren't consistent, maybe because the internal nicad pack is missing? 4 Evan?
cull crap on topmost shelves either side of the window, there's a bunch of stuff we never touch, that space could be better used. 3 Nate B.

Equipment TODOs

Lightbulb load-boxGrab a photo! Add a fan and intake/exhaust grilles?
Re:load ProFind out how this works (See PDF link in "Documentation")
Soldering Station - Edsyn Loner
  • Acquire some new tips to replace the ones that've been bent, oxidized to hell and gone, or just plain worn out.
  • New sponges, too. They are considered a consumable.
  • Better labeling / signage, to direct people to this page.