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DesignJet 330
Name DesignJet 330
Zone Compute Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model DesignJet 330
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location In between the vinyl zone and the Laser Zone
Authorization Required No
Status Departed
Value 300

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Installing the Printer

The plotter is an HP DesignJet 330. It is connected to the network using an HP JetDirect EX interface. The printserver's IP address is Please don't change the printserver's IP address or configuration, it is not at fault.

With a Mac

Not sure about Macs. Based upon what's in the Use the Printer HOWTO, this seems pretty straightforward. Just know that "port 9100" is the protocol to use, and if it gives you a choice between PS and HPGL, use HPGL.

With Windows
  1. First download HP Designjet drivers. Since this is an older plotter, HP is no longer writing the drivers for Vista and later versions of Windows. However, there is a set of drivers available for Vista and Windows 7 & 8
  2. Windows 8 ONLY: Restart your computer using Advanced Startup options and disable automatic unsigned driver enforcement.
    1. Right click the start button, go to "shut down or sign out", then hold shift and click "Restart" to select from fancy rebooting options
    2. On the blue screen that comes up, click "Troubleshoot" then "Advanced Options" then "Startup settings"
    3. Click Restart!
    4. On the Startup Settings screen, type 7 to disable driver signature enforcement
    5. Now you can install the printer for real! More Information on disabling unsigned driver enforcement
  3. Ignore the temptation to click "add a network printer", and instead, "add a local printer"
  4. Check "create a new port", then port type "standard tcp/ip port", then enter Uncheck the box to automatically query the printer for drivers.
  5. Click "Have Disk...", navigate to the folder with the printer drivers, and select the disc image "OEMSETUP.INF"
  6. Select the "HP Designjet 350C (E/A0) by HP" driver. The "D" driver only supports 24". The "E" driver supports 36" paper.
  7. Windows will yell at you that the driver is unsigned but it's ok, you can trust it as much as you trust Nate B.. If you're running Windows 8 and skipped step 2, you'll get an error here.

How Much Does it Cost?

The current rate is $1/foot for moderate ink usage. This pays for both ink and paper. Put money in the envelope on front of the printer and pat it on the back for a job well done.

Loading Paper

Loading Roll Paper

First, do you need to? If the plotter is off, and it looks like the paper is loaded, turn it on. After a few minutes of self-testing and moving the paper around, if the lights settle on Plain, Normal, Ready, and Roll you're good. If not:

Before loading roll paper, make sure the printer is in Roll mode, otherwise it'll reject the bafflingly-long sheet...

When the Load Paper light is on solid, insert the end of the paper until you feel a stop and the plotter starts to pull it in. When it stops, the Load Media light will flash. ****!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!***** This step is NOT optional. You MUST perform an alignment before it will let you continue. To perform the alignment, open the cover and you'll see it lift the guide bar. Flip the green handle on the right down to release the rollers. Align the edges of the paper so it feeds straight in. Slide the paper so that the right edge is over the punched slots on the metal edge where the paper feeds in. Flip the green lever back up to lock the paper in place. Close the lid. The plotter will pull the paper back in but the edge will still be exposed. Wait for the Ready light to stop blinking. You're done!

Loading Sheet Paper

Please see the manual until it can be tested and summarized here.

  1. The printer does not have the right parts to mount large rolls of paper, and thus the rolls do not turn freely, so remember to unroll as much paper as is needed to complete your print and avoid a jam. Do this by grasping the paper on both sides and pulling down.
  2. Turn on the printer. Always check that the printer's ready light is on or blinking. If not, press "Continue Printing" until it is lit.
  3. In your software select the HP DesignJet 330 E/A0 printer. Press the button to access the printer setup form from within your software. Set the "Roll Size" to "36 Inch Roll". Press the "More Sizes" button and set a custom width and height for the banner you want to print.
  4. Return to your software and print. If it does not print, verify that the printer's ready light is blinking or lit. If blinking it is still spooling or processing. (This may take upwards of 10 minutes for complex designs.) If the light is not lit, press the "Continue Printing" button.
  5. When the print is done use the built in cutter to cut the page. After the page is cut move the cutter back to the left. You will need to press the "Continue Printing" button to retract the paper and prepare the printer for the next print.

When You're Done

Before you walk away, make sure that the printhead is "parked" on the left side. If an error occurs during plotting, it will sometimes stay out over the paper. Leaving it this way will allow the printhead to dry out and clog. To check, just lift the hood from the center and see if the printhead is over in the well on the left side. If not, power-cycle the plotter and it will both clear the error and park the printhead.

For More Information

The user manual for the printer is available here: Or on our own wiki: File:350cmanual.pdf

The service manual is available here: Or on our own wiki: File:DesignJet 230, 250C, 330, 350C - Service Manual.pdf

light status is here

Note about ownership

Nate B does not own this and never did. He just picked it up when Rashad's friends donated it, and did some of the early work (belt replacement) to bring it online.

Nate B does not wish to be bothered about this when it doesn't work. Everything you need to know is on this wiki page. Try the troubleshooting section in the manual. Try the zone coordinator.

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