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Standing rules






The purpose of this policy is to set basic guidelines for the teaching of classes either on the i3 Detroit premises, or with the claim that i3 Detroit sponsors the class. This policy sets forth basic guidelines with the understanding that situations will arise where good judgement of the parties involved will be required.

Use of i3 Detroit Facilities

Facilities owned, leased, or rented by i3 Detroit for general purposes not specific to a class may be used for teaching classes which are open to members or non-members in any combination with the sole limitation that a member must sponsor the class Anyone organizing or participating in a class must recognize that most facilities are intended to be used by members on an ad hoc basis and are not intended to be used on an exclusive basis for classes. The practical implication of this is that there may be noise or other disturbances that arise during a class due to normal use of the facilities and equipment by other members. Class organizers should be pro-active and ask on the members' list that other members minimize potential interruptions during the time the class is conducted, if this will be necessary. Infrequently, where special circumstances require it, members may request of the Board that a portion of the facilities be set aside exclusively for a class (or other activity). Organizers should not assume that such a request will be automatically granted. Example reasons for such a request may include safety considerations (e.g., fire arts class) or a special group (e.g., large group of non-members). Classes must observe the Standing Rules for use of the space, including where classes may include non-adult attendees.

Payment for Classes

Classes may be free or require a fee. The allowed fee components include covering the cost of materials, payment for the instructor's time, rent of a non-i3 Detroit facility, and / or a (voluntary) donation to i3 Detroit. In general, since one purpose of i3 Detroit is to promote education, fees should be held to the minimum necessary to cover costs so as to make the class available to as many people as possible. It shall be up to the organizers to determine any remuneration for instructors or helpers, but this is not intended as a profit-making venture for the organization or its members. However, we also recognize that outside instructors may provide valuable knowledge and expertise not present in the membership, and these instructors may require compensation. Covering these costs via class fees is allowable and encouraged. If a fee over an above direct costs is required, the organizer must allow a discounted rate for members of i3 Detroit if the class is held at an i3 Detroit facility. The level of discount is entirely up to the organizer.

Payment of Class Fees

Class fees may be collected in cash at the class or in advance (or after) via any other method preferred by the organizer. Class organizers need not report total fees collected or how they are disbursed. If the organizer intends to donate all or a portion of the fees to i3 Detroit, then the money should be turned over to the Treasurer either in cash or via a medium (such as PayPal) acceptable to the Treasurer, along with a brief description of the source of the donations.

Promotion and Reporting

Class organizers are required to post class details on the i3 Detroit calendar to ensure that members are aware that the space will be in use. This can also be used to promote the class. Organizers are encouraged to post class attendance and other details they deem appropriate to the members' list and / or the wiki.

Attendee Status

Classes may be open to members and non-members.